Spy Cam Scenarios – Protecting your Car from being Vandalized

This popular post was originally published in 2012. We have republished it here with some information on new products and options available…


I have just bought a new car and I’m worried it might be vandalized when I leave it to go to work. Previously my car has been scratched and the side mirror was broken off when left for a prolonged period of time. Is there anything I can do to stop this or something that can help me find evidence to convict the people doing it?

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CCTV Case Study- Helping catch credit card fraudsters

These days everyone knows how CCTV is a vital tool in fighting crime, with recordings of incidents being used as evidence in countless cases. Whilst it is often thought of as the first thing to look at for crimes such as theft and assault, what many business owners don’t realise is how it can help protect them against countless other types of crime, that you wouldn’t necessarily expect it could be used for. As an example, we were recently contacted by one of our customers who used their CCTV system to help catch credit card fraudsters. It’s a fantastic example of how footage of seemingly innocuous things can be key to pinning down people committing a whole host of crimes. After all- as a wise TV cop once said- all the pieces matter

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6 Reasons why now is the ideal time to switch to IP CCTV

Regular readers of our blog- we know you’re out there- may have noticed a recurring theme over the last few weeks, with quite a few posts extolling the virtues of IP CCTV cameras. These advanced devices record digital video and send it down a network cable, as opposed to traditional analogue cameras that use a composite AV cable. Really, this is because they have some distinct advantages of standard security systems, making them an ideal future-proofed option for business and commercial security, or even more demanding home systems. But if your business already has a CCTV system, is the upgrade cost worth the extra money? Or is it worth holding off until the IP camera market has matured a bit? Well here are some reasons why right now is the ideal time to make that upgrade:

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IP cameras allows security footage with increased resolution and detail

  •  Massively improved video quality.
    IP Cameras use an all-digital imaging system, so they do not lose any quality due to being encoded from an analogue format. This means that the resulting images they can record have notably improved resolution and detail. It also means you can record in true High Definition, with cameras available in both 1280x720p and 1920x1080p. This in turn makes it much easier to take usable details from the video such as faces or even vehicle licence plates in certain situations.

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Close calls, licensing, and sharks- This week’s CCTV Stories

Every week we scour the news to find the most pressing (or surreal) video, surveillance and CCTV stories, so you don’t have to.

Baby and pushchair in terrifying tube plunge

This video (courtesy of Reuters) captures the terrifying moment a baby in a pushchair rolled straight onto the tracks at Goodge street tube station, apparently shifted from a stairway by a freak gust of air. The mother immediately leaps to the child’s aid, climbing down onto the tracks to hoist the bairn to safety, seemingly moments before another train arrived. Both were incredibly lucky to make it away unscathed and avoiding electrocution.

Portsmouth Pub’s licence revoked pending proper CCTV coverage

In a stark reminder of the importance of proper CCTV installation for licenced businesses, a pub in Portsmouth has had it’s alcohol licence taken away until it’s CCTV system is improved. Pressure had been placed on the council by local police, who had received numerous complaints about antisocial noise, as well as the venue staying open after hours. When threatened with closure, local residents raised their voices in support of the pub, and it’s important place in the community. The council relented, and agreed it could get it’s licence back once the police were satisfied that their new CCTV system was fit to record any incidents that happened on the property.

Hidden camera catches hopeless house robber in the act

The Express brings us this footage of a burglar breaking into a home in Northamptonshire, only twig that’s he’s been recorded on a camera mounted on the wall. After previous break ins, the owner sensibly decided to install an IP camera, recording footage to a a separate device. As a result, even though the crim scarpered off with the camera, the owner still had the crucial footage of the guy in the act. Police are now appealing for anyone with information on the suspect’s identity to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Japanese researchers pioneer shark fin-cam to help biologists

Wired have a fascinating report on a team of Japanese scientists, who have put together a unique camera system that can be attached to the fin of a shark. The device is designed to record both video and positioning data while “on-board”, before automatically detaching after 2 weeks, and sending a radio signal so scientists can locate it for a pick-up. The researchers claim to have already used it to snag unique footage of different shark species congregating together and searching for mates. Whilst we are proud of how our trail cameras can be used to record wildlife in the field, this might be a bit beyond their capabilities!

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5 Reasons to keep an eye on your dog while you’re out

Whilst they may be loyal and affectionate to your face, there is always a nagging suspicion that your canine companions get up to all manner of mischief when you leave them alone in the house. Whether it’s demolishing cherished possessions, enacting elaborate schemes to reach food, or more….sordid….acts, an empty house can be like a playground to an energetic dog. Once upon a time owners had to deduce what happened from the remaining debris, but thankfully IP cameras now allow you to keep an eye on your dog even when you’re out of the house. As to whether or not you’ll want to see what they get up to? Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that…

1) This dog with a taste for upholstery

I guess a dog’s diet can get quite repetitive after a while, so it’s only natural they’ll start expanding their taste horizons. I hear cushion foam is quite a popular choice. Continue reading

Something special we’re working on for holiday season 2014…

Ok, ok, ok, we know nobody likes it when retailers start carping on about Christmas before the nights have even started drawing in, but prep starts early for us, and we just couldn’t resist letting you in with a sneak peak on a little project we’ve been working on for holiday season 2014. In amongst the usual panic and scramble to make sure the warehouse shelves are nice and full for the present rush, we have also been trying to tweak a few items to make sure you guys have the best possible gifts to give.

3624 l Something special were working on for holiday season 2014...

Our wireless bird box camera kit is always a popular gift option

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Campaign aims to enforce CCTV in Slaughterhouses

Thanks to the horse meat scandal, the provinance of our food is very much in the public mind, with more people than ever taking an interest in the quality of their meat, as well as the welfare of the animals. The animal rights organisation Animal Aid is seeking to seize this with it’s most recent campaign- a call to enforce the use of CCTV in slaughterhouses, providing independent vets and regulators with a way of seeing if animal rights standards in abbattoirs are adhered to when they are not there in person. Going much further than previous similar campaigns, the group are seeking to not only enforce it’s use, but create strict guidelines for camera positioning, recording times and monitoring.

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SpyCam Scenario- Preventing a teenage house party

Scenario- Me and my husband are going out of town for a couple of days next week, leaving our teenage son alone in the house. At first we didn’t think twice about trusting him alone in the house, but throughout this week we’ve seen posts on his facebook wall hinting at “carnage”, and (I quote) “a wreckd orgy of destruction”. We are now terrified that we will be leaving our beautiful home at the mercy of a drunken teenage house party. My husband is especially worried about his valuable collection of antique Toby Jugs getting damaged. As we simply don’t trust the little so-and-so anymore, is there a reliable way for us to keep an eye on the house whilst he is away? We will have our smartphones with us, but we won’t be able to leave a computer running in the home whilst we’re out.

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5 Reasons why you simply can’t ignore staff theft

Employee & staff theft is one of the toughest problems for any business owner to deal with. It’s easy to see your team as a small family, and managers are often hesitant to break that trusting relationship, or souring morale by levelling accusations at employees. This is especially the case in small or independently owned businesses, where managers can’t hide behind orders sent from on high, and who often have a personal financial stake in the success of the business. Because of this it is one of the hardest types of losses to completely prevent. Nevertheless, as a business owner it is vital to tackle head on, and in case you are in any doubt here are 5 pressing reasons why…

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