CCTV News This Week : 22/02/2012 How many cameras do we need and are we protected?

How many cameras do we need? And are we protected?

UK councils have spent more than £500 million pounds over the last four years installing and operating CCTV cameras.

Big Brother Watches’ Nick Pickles, the campaign director explains:

“There is no credible evidence that more cameras will reduce crime, yet councils have poured enough money into CCTV in just four years that would have put more than four thousand extra police officers on the streets.” Continue reading

This Week’s CCTV News – 9th February

News that everyone is talking about this week are these two major stories:

Trendnet’s Security Threat

58340290 1bd6ba8f 9fd9 47d8 abbe b47e14796c7b This Weeks CCTV News   9th FebruaryThe first, a rather shocking bit of evidence exposing a breach of security within Trendnet’s home CCTV cameras. The blog Console Cowboys first published this information in January, giving instructions on how to access thousands of streaming personal IP cameras. This is obviously a huge breach of privacy and has affected normal people during their everyday home lives. Continue reading

Spy Cam Scenarios – Partner cheating? – Time to find out if your suspicions are true.


For a while now I’ve been suspecting my partner is having an affair. However I don’t know how to prove this. Could you help me with what the best way to do this would be? I’ve been hesitant now for a few weeks but I think it’s time that I find an answer. I need something that is discreet and reliable but has no chance of being recognised. Continue reading