Check our New Digital Wireless CCTV with Portable Monitor

Combining easy to set up cameras with an all-in-one receiver and monitor, our digital wireless LCD CCTV kits are amongst our most popular products, and a great choice for home security. Quite often however, we are asked whether it is possible to power the screen from a battery, letting you move it quickly to different locations. Because of this, we have designed our new range of digital wireless CCTV with portable monitors, adding a brand new screen powered by an internal rechargeable battery. This lets you easily pick it up and move it between rooms when needed, and along with a host of additional new features make it one of our most versatile kits for home security.

What’s more, there couldn’t be a better time to take an in depth look at the kit, as we have it running at a 20% discount all this weekend as an exclusive introductory offer!

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Introducing our new Remote CCTV Setup Service Guide

These days, almost all security and CCTV systems offer a remote monitoring feature, whether it’s using an internet enabled DVR, or a more advanced kit with HD IP cameras. This helps you keep an eye on your property wherever you are, by letting you log in and view your cameras live over the internet via a PC or smartphone. However, whilst this is a vital feature for any system, many kits are still too confusing to get up and running for those without a comfortable knowledge of networking, routers and other such matters. It’s exactly for this reason then, that we have put together our all-new remote CCTV setup services- just what you need to get your security system live with the minimum of hassle!

Of course, we know that not everyone’s needs will be the same, and someone setting up a single IP camera for their driveway will want a different service to someone setting up an 8 camera system to monitor a bar. Because of this we have split the service into three distinct service levels:

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5 Types of British Bird Nest Box & Guide to Setup this Nesting Season

5 Types of British Bird

Many nest boxes on a large tree

Many nest boxes at Eaton Park in Norwich

In the warm up to National Nest Box Week (starting February the 14th) this week we have a run-down of five species of British birds which you may wish to attract to your garden or farm, when to look out for them and the best way to set them up with a happy home.

To start us off here are some general tips and things to look out for when setting up a nest box to ensure it will weather the seasons and be a safe hideaway for your feathered friends:

  • Use components that will not rust: When assembling the box use galvanised or stainless steel screws and nails and when attaching the box to a tree using wire or any type of wire mesh ensure that is likewise rust proof. For the main box always use wood, preferably a hardwood such as Oak or Beech which must be at least 15mm thick.
  • Keep the box away from bird feeders: Any area with a bird feeder will attract a lot of activity and noise from visiting birds which may disturb the nesting process of any paired birds so place the box in a nice quiet area of your garden.
  • Make sure the roof of the box is tilted downwards: This will ensure any rain will drain away and not get into the box and build up, you can also drill a couple of small holes in the base for the same reason. If your box does not have a roof like this try and set it up so that it is tilted slightly downwards to give the same effect. Also check the box is positioned away from prevailing winds and strong sunlight.
  • If the box is attached to a tree use a metal plate around the entrance hole to deter predators: Attach a metal guard around the entrance to the box to keep the occupants safe from squirrels, cats and other climbing predators, these can be purchased from garden centres and some pet shops.
  • Be careful looking inside the nesting box: It is fine to have a peek inside at the occupants of your nest box from time to time once the eggs are being incubated but approach slowly and carefully with as little noise as possible. A good time to count the number of eggs in the nest is early in the morning as you will often find the parents out in search of food. Of course the best way to keep an eye on all the nesting action without having to ruffle any feathers is to install one of our bird box cameras and enjoy the footage from the comfort of your home.

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CCTV News: Using hidden cameras to monitor care

Last year we reported on how the seemingly endless stream of shocking exposes on poor care had led the Care Quality Commission to take the unusual step of drawing up advice for relatives on using hidden cameras to monitor care of the elderly and vulnerable. As the regulatory body responsible for monitoring standards in care homes, it could be seen as something of an indictment of their track record that so many families had resorted to installing spy clocks and pinhole cameras to monitor those interacting with their loved ones. A long list of high profile cases seemed to force their hand, and yesterday saw the release of an 11 page pamphlet- “Thinking about using a hidden camera or other equipment to monitor someone’s care?“. This was potentially a brave move for the CQC, who faced some criticism from those employed in the industry who saw it as a potential invasion of privacy.

The CQC is the regulatory body that monitors standards of residential care

The CQC is the regulatory body that monitors standards of residential care

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Spy Camera Scenario: Simple CCTV for a Technophobe

ScenarioAs a lifelong technophobe, phrases like “motion detection”, “video compression” and “connectivity” are about as appealing to me as reheated trifle. Unfortunately however, I may soon be forced to confront them. A recent spate of break-ins on my street has led me and my neighbours to be concerned about our security, and we have accepted that it is now time to invest in a basic home security system. The budget is limited though, so it will have to be simple enough for a Luddite like myself to get up and running! Not only that, but there are severe limitations on space for any recorder. Looking at the options out there I must say I’m a bit daunted- is there a simple CCTV system you could recommend that would fit the bill?

4 camera home cctv system with 960h DVR

Our complete CCTV systems include everything you need to get them up and running

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CCTV News: London Met Police to trial body worn cameras

This post from May last year has been updated to cover recent events in America and France

In one of the first moves of it’s kind for UK forces, London’s Metropolitan police has started a trial scheme to equip many of it’s officers with body worn cameras. Two fast response teams from each of the city’s boroughs will be equipped with the compact cameras, with 500 being rolled out across the force. The kits- purpose built by self defense equipment firm Taser- include tiny pinhole cameras that mount to the lapel or the frames of glasses, as well as a separate unit that controls and stores recordings. A central archive then allows the footage to be easily recalled for use as evidence.

Met Police officers demonstrate the new body worn cameras

Met Police officers demonstrate the new body worn cameras. Image: Yui Mok/PA via The Guardian

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6 of the strangest farm animals and produce you will ever see

A Silkworm farmer and his worms

A Silkworm farmer in India image via

It’s the time of year for new life and switching on one of our farming kits ready for lambing and foaling season. There’s all manner of preparation and activity happening on British farms right now so we thought we’d take a look at some farms and animals you may not be so familiar with.

There are a whole host of busy farmers out there getting very unusual produce from animals you would never even think of farming, let’s take a look at a few. Continue reading

Spycam Scenario: Trouble shooting wireless farm CCTV

Scenario: I run a medium sized sheep farm, and after struggling for years to stringently monitor my Ewes 24/7 during foaling season, I finally saw the light and purchased one of your wireless 4 camera farm CCTV kits to help me keep an eye on them. It has already been a massive help, letting me monitor one of my sheds from right in the farmhouse, however I appear to have a bad signal on two of the cameras. This is confusing, as the distance to each of the cameras is around the same, it’s just how they’re positioned around the barns that is different. Can you help me figure out what could be causing these wireless problems?

Solution: Whilst it allows CCTV systems with much more flexible installations, there are a few unique things that can cause Wireless CCTV issues that it’s important to be aware of before setting up a system. First things first, it’s important to go through this checklist to make sure the area you want to monitor is suitable.

  • Power must be available at both the camera’s location, and where you will install the receiver
  • The total distance in a direct line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver’s aerials must not be longer than 300m
  • There must be a clear line of sight between the transmitter’s aerial and the receiver’s
  • Neither device should be located underneath or in the vicinity of overhead power lines

In addition to this, there are a few common problems that can arise when choosing camera and aerial locations, but these can often be overcome by adjusting your set up slightly:

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Security trends from CES 2015

Earlier this month saw a migration of the world’s tech journalists and bloggers to the barren, sun baked wastelands of Las Vegas, meaning only one thing- it was time for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The behemoth of a trade show is the first opportunity in the year for the major manufacturers to show off their wears for the coming year. Everything from concept pieces to market-ready products were on display at CES 2015, so it was one of the best places to gauge upcoming trends for everything tech. Regrettably, the blogging budget here at SpyCameraCCTV towers doesn’t quite cover all expenses paid trips to Vegas (especially once Roulette losses are taken into account), but not to worry, as I am here to digest all of the news from the show, and pick out some of the biggest tech and security trends for this year!


Intel’s Curie microcontroller module. (image via Intel)

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Are Council and Police Funding Cuts Crippling CCTV?

Just a quick one today, as I thought I’d highlight & share a great article on by the BBC that I’m sure lots of you guys will find interesting. In a detailed report for their magazine section entitled “The end of the CCTV era” they go into detail about how the post-austeritylocal council and police funding cuts have resulted in a slew of cutbacks to public CCTV monitoring across the country. Examples include forces in Denbighshire, Powys, Derby and even metropolitan Birmingham, where CCTV cameras will no longer have round the clock monitoring.

A typical CCTV camera mounted outside a pub

CCTV is ubiquitous on our high streets, but is facing cutbacks across the country. image via

Forces understandably face pressure to make savings, with a significant weight of cuts falling on their unprotected budgets. To many forces, the “back room” CCTV expense is an easy target to axe when compared to front line assets- they need to keep the bobbies on the beat! Unfortunately though, forces across the country have increasingly been relying on CCTV as one of the primary ways to gather evidence, with an astonishing 95% of Scotland Yard’s murder convictions using some form of video evidence. Proponents of cutting back CCTV- including many privacy advocates- point to the studies that suggest it has little effect on crime statistics on a city wide level, but there is much less information on how beneficial it is to conviction rates. In addition there is solid evidence that it definitely helps cut down crimes against property such as car theft and vandalism.

One thing is for certain though- the fewer police run CCTV systems are in operation, the more police and victims will have to rely on privately operated home and business security systems to gather evidence.

So…an understandable necessity of our national belt-tightening, or a shortsighted budgeting exercise- what do you think? Get in touch to let us know!