SpyCamera Scenario- Preventing theft while camping

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Scenario- This coming Spring, me and my boyfriend are going to fulfil an ambition we’ve had for years, and hike the length of the Appalachian trail. However, after a theft on a previous camping trip, we were looking for a way to record anyone around our tent when we are out. As it will be in the countryside, it will obviously need to be something battery powered, but we are concerned about how many batteries we will get through in order to keep it working for the entire trek. We are also avid nature lovers, so if the camera could also record any wildlife nearby at night that would be a benefit. Is there anything you could suggest for preventing theft while camping? Continue reading

Quick Guide- Connecting CCTV to a TV

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Connecting our wireless receivers to a TV can sometimes get confusing

Once upon a time, connecting CCTV to a TV was a straightforward process, with one obvious place to connect the AV cable. Those sepia-tinted times are behind us now however, and the vast plethora of sockets and connectors modern flatscreens are equipped with can sometimes make it surprisingly stressful to monitor your camera in your living room. With that in mind, this quick guide should help you navigate through some of the confusion. Continue reading

Meet The Brand New Spy Camera Pen Family

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we’re please to introduce a new range of spy camera pens to our range of products. This new range offers more flexibility based on your budget and the quality you are looking for from a spy camera pen. We always like to consider our products as having a ‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ and now this range fulfills all of those areas.

The 480 – Good

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The SPYPEN480 is a working pen with a  built-in pinhole lens so your subjects won’t know they’re being recorded as they help themselves to your goodie-drawer at work! It features a full colour imaging chip meaning that it will record video at VGA solution (640×480)…hence the name SPYPEN480.It also has a small microphone to you can record audio to accompany your video footage.

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The 720 – Better

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The SPYPEN720 is the jazzed up name for our SPYPEN4GB which has been a top seller for SpyCameraCCTV for several years now. This working pen records at 720p resolution giving you an impressively clear image from such a small pinhole lens. It will pick up audio up to 5 metres away from where the pen is places.

All of our spy camera pens have a 4GB Micro SD card included as standard with options to upgrade to a larger memory if you need it. To view your footage you can remove the Micro SD card and insert it into your computer or laptop to transfer, view and edit the footage. Simply delete the files from the Micro SD card when you’re done with it and put it back into the pen and start all over again.

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The 1080 – Best

4178 l Meet The Brand New Spy Camera Pen Family

This is the Daddy of the spy pens. The SPYPEN1080 featuring motion detection and full HD. Full HD is 1920x1080p providing a crisp full colour video – a quality you wouldn’t expect from a ball point pen with a hidden camera. You can play back your footage on your television by using the mini HDMI output and record it to a MicroSD card.

This spy camera pen comes with a 4GB MicroSD card as standard but can be upgraded up to 32GB to record the footage you need. The pinhole lens can be found on the side of the pen concealed by a sliding lens cover for when it’s not in use.

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SpyCamera Scenario- Using CCTV to record problem neighbours

Scenario: Over the course of 2 years now, I have been the victim of increasingly aggressive abuse from my neighbours. Beginning with a minor altercation after one of their children trampled my Rose bed, it has since escalated to shouting threats whilst on my property, and possibly vandalising my shed. It’s turned mine and my wife’s life into a nightmare, and we simply don’t feel safe in our own home anymore. The police seem unable to respond without evidence, so our only option is to try and catch them on camera. Do you have any tips for using CCTV to record problem neighbours? What are the legal implications for recording them?

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6 Tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV

By their very nature, most of the incidents you’ll need to record in a home CCTV system are going to be happening under the cover darkness.  Because of that, setting up effective night vision is vital to getting the best results from your security equipment. There are however some easy traps to fall into when choosing and installing your cameras that can greatly impact the quality of the image that they will record. Because of that we recommend keeping these helpful tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV cameras.

IR sample 6 Tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV

Choosing the right cameras is vital to getting the best night vision

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What to look for when buying a CCTV DVR

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Our flagship 8 channel DVRs make the ideal control point for a professional security system

Q: I need to invest in a CCTV system to monitor my small shop. Whilst I am pretty set on the cameras that my system will use, I am finding it very difficult to find the right CCTV Recorder for my needs. There are so many specifications to look at, and I’m a bit unsure of which ones are most important for my needs, and which ones are less so. Simply put, I need to know just what to look for when buying a CCTV DVR! Continue reading

A Sleepover At The Zoo: The Best Bits

The BBC teamed up with Bristol Zoo to rig the zoo with cameras in a first of its kind experiment to find out what their residents get up to at night. Presented by Liz Bonnin with the help of animal sleep expert Bryson Voirin the show gives us an exciting, never before seen insight into the sleep behaviours of a wide range of wild animals. We’ve picked out some of our favourite bits from the show…

For many animal behaviour experts “there are a few gaps in our knowledge, and one of the greatest mysteries has been the nature and function of sleep.” says Liz as she introduces the show. This is the first experiment of its kind using night vision cameras and motion sensors to track the movements and behaviour of animals during the night.

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Using CCTV to protect your car from vandals

As one of the most expensive single items that many of us will own, cars and vehicles are unfortunately a prime target for malicious vandals. In fact, it is such a common issue that vehicle vandalism is probably the single most common specific home security issue that we help customers with. Whether it’s senseless damage by local youths, or malicious attacks from feuding neighbours, it is always an incredibly costly and stressful problem to deal with. Unfortunately, whilst it’s one of the most frequent questions, the fact that many people have to park their cars on the street away from the building also makes it a frustratingly difficult one to solve. Essentially, there are two ways to go about solving the issue…

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