6 Tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV

Don’t forget! This coming Sunday is the end of British Summer Time, meaning the clocks go back an hour, and everyone is blessed with another hour’s sleep. Unfortunately the downside to this is that night falls much quicker in the evening. Because of this we thought it would be the ideal time to update one of our more popular posts from back in March this year, about how to get the best results from night vision CCTV…

By their very nature, most of the incidents you’ll need to record in a home CCTV system are going to be happening under the cover darkness.  Because of that, setting up effective night vision is vital to getting the best results from your security equipment. There are however some easy traps to fall into when choosing and installing your cameras that can greatly impact the quality of the image that they will record. Because of that we recommend keeping these helpful tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV cameras.

IR sample 6 Tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV

Choosing the right cameras is vital to getting the best night vision

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Ask an expert- Is Wireless CCTV Cross Compatible?

Every now and then we like to take a question from one of our customers and discuss it in detail here on the blog. Today’s query is about the oft-confusing world of Wireless CCTV…

Q: I purchased a wireless CCTV kit a couple of years ago from yourselves I think, and it has been fantastic so far. Unfortunately, during some recent DIY an unfortunate mishap with angle grinder means one of the cameras is now out of commission. I can’t see the same model of camera on your website anymore, is all wireless CCTV cross compatible, or do I have to buy a specific model?

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Hacks & Horses- This week’s CCTV & security news

Every week (well…almost), here at SpyCameraCCTV towers we try and pull together all of the latest CCTV and security news, be it international or local. So here’s our one stop shop for your headlines…

Dropbox deny password hack


558px Dropbox logo September 2013.svg  Hacks & Horses  This weeks CCTV & security newsIt’s been a tumultuous time recently for the gatekeepers of our personal data, with high profile hacks spreading hundreds of nude celebrity photos from Apple’s iCloud storage, and thousands of images posted online from the Snapchat’s discreet messaging service. Whilst the latter appears to have been thanks to users falling for a malicious third party app, it still highlights increasing concern with the trust we place in online storage solutions for our data. The latest potential leak occured 2 days ago, when a post claiming to contain almost 7 million username and password combinations for the cloud storage firm Dropbox appeared online. Despite some of the logins appearing to work, Dropbox almost immediately denied they were hacked. In their roundup of the story, wired.co.uk suggest the leak was from a third party, and stress that users should never share the same password between different services. Continue reading

7 Tips on how to avoid car crime this Winter

Inevitably, it has reached the point of the year when the nights are closing in and daylight hours dwindle. In preparation for the clocks going back later in the month, now is a perfect time to make sure that your home is secure for the holiday seasons. Of course, after our home itself, the most expensive thing that most of us will ever own is our car. Unless you are lucky enough to own a garage, you then have to leave this massive investment outside of the safety of your home. It’s no surprise then, that monitoring cars parked in a driveway or on the street is one of the single most common questions we get asked here at SpyCameraCCTV. In the past we have provided tips on setting up cameras for this, so we thought we would provide a few bits of info on how to avoid car crime after the clocks go back…

2203070005 11ac595a15 7 Tips on how to avoid car crime this Winter

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CQC To Unveil Guidance on Spy Cameras in Nursing Homes

The Telegraph yesterday reported that the Care Qaulity Commission is set to release official guidelines advising loved ones on how to appropriately use Spy Cameras in nursing homes in order to monitor the quality of care given to residents or patients. The CQC- the government’s official watchdog tasked with regulating the quality of care in hospitals and nursing homes- had been publicly mulling over whether to endorse such drastic actions by relatives since last year. The agency was effectively pressured into the decision by steady stream of horrific cases in which relatives and journalists had covertly recorded patients being abused and neglected by staff in instiutions across the country. In every case the failings were completely missed by inspectors, and only came to light after recordings were made using hidden cameras.

63703932 63703931 CQC To Unveil Guidance on Spy Cameras in Nursing Homes

Winterbourne view hospital, site of a notorious abuse investigation starting in 2011. Image via BBC

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6 Essential student security tips for Freshers

It’s that time of year again! The stuffed suitacases have been dropped off, emotional parents have said goodbye, and leery teenagers are getting to know each other in debaucherous ways. Yes, it’s Freshers week at Universities all across the UK. But with all of the excitement of meeting new people and getting to know a new town, it can sometimes hit hard that you’ve abandoned the protective bubble of home. For parents expecially, the prospect of leaving their children to fend for themselves in a different town can be a daunting one. Luckily, keeping a few student security tips in mind can help keep you and your property safe.

4997925105 f3d4df5b98 6 Essential student security tips for Freshers

Pictured: Students, hard at work. Image via

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A great tip for helping set up your Wifi IP cameras

This week, we revisit our semi-regular “ask a CCTV expert” series, looking into simple answers for those irritating questions that you can’t seem to find an answer to. This time, Simon from our tech support department has suggested this great tip for helping ease the occasionally stressful process of setting up Wifi IP cameras

5349327692 919f8a9332 A great tip for helping set up your Wifi IP cameras

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 “I am completely at my wits end. I have been trying to install a series of wireless IP cameras throughout my office building using a Wifi network, but am getting very frustrated by signal issues. Naturally, I want to make sure that the cameras will have signal where they are being installed, so I have been checking the wifi reception at each location using the bars on my phone. Naturally in some there wasnt quite full signal, but still pretty good. Low and behold, once I have gone through the rigmarole of installing the cameras and setting them up on my network, I log in to see….a patchy stream which keeps cutting out! How can this happen when I checked the signal beforehand?!?”
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Breaking Bad Bristol? Spy cameras help nab drug gang

10 men have gone on trial this week, accused of attempting to flood the South West with Methamphetamine, in a failed scheme many in the media are gleefully dubbing “Breaking Bad Bristol”, after the popular US TV show. The trial follows an in depth, months long surveillance operation by police, who then stepped in to make the arrests before the gang could produce any of the drug. The drug- also known as Crystal Meth- has gained an element of notoriety in the public after the success of the TV show, which depicts a hard-up school chemistry teacher turning to drug production in order to fund his Cancer treatment. Though a ubiquitous blight on communities in many areas of America, the highly addictive stimulant has thankfully not gained much of a foothold in the UK- a fact that the accused in the case were presumably all too aware of.

2851372906 dff57bcde5 o Breaking Bad Bristol? Spy cameras help nab drug gang

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Spy Cam Scenarios – Protecting your Car from being Vandalized

This popular post was originally published in 2012. We have republished it here with some information on new products and options available…


I have just bought a new car and I’m worried it might be vandalized when I leave it to go to work. Previously my car has been scratched and the side mirror was broken off when left for a prolonged period of time. Is there anything I can do to stop this or something that can help me find evidence to convict the people doing it?

184286418 8101503874 Spy Cam Scenarios   Protecting your Car from being Vandalized

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CCTV Case Study- Helping catch credit card fraudsters

These days everyone knows how CCTV is a vital tool in fighting crime, with recordings of incidents being used as evidence in countless cases. Whilst it is often thought of as the first thing to look at for crimes such as theft and assault, what many business owners don’t realise is how it can help protect them against countless other types of crime, that you wouldn’t necessarily expect it could be used for. As an example, we were recently contacted by one of our customers who used their CCTV system to help catch credit card fraudsters. It’s a fantastic example of how footage of seemingly innocuous things can be key to pinning down people committing a whole host of crimes. After all- as a wise TV cop once said- all the pieces matter

12696032183 0d9622ae98 CCTV Case Study  Helping catch credit card fraudsters

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