The perfect Christmas gift for wildlife lovers

Naturally, it’s that time of year again when we panic to look for that perfect gift idea- the unique and quirky present that shows you know what they really like. Well if you are looking for something a bit different then we may have the ideal thing! For 2 years running now, our most popular product by far has been our wireless bird box camera kit- the ideal Christmas gift for wildlife lovers, gardeners or kids with an interest in animals.

Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision - Perfect for your Garden

Our ever-popular bird box kit!

The tiny camera can be easily fixed to the interior of any bird box, birdhouse or nesting box, where it transmits wireless video and audio back to the receiver in your house. This then plugs straight into your TV, letting you watch live images of the brooding birds and chicks in your garden, all from the comfort of your sofa. Because the camera uses wireless transmission, all you have to do is connect it to the included power supply- no need to run trailing cables to your TV! Despite the camera’s tried-and-tested design being as popular as ever, we’ve gone all out this Christmas to add a couple of improvements to make sure you get the most for your money… Continue reading

7 Reasons to avoid the high street this Black Friday

It’s that time of year again, the day after Thanksgiving in America and time for certain shoppers worldwide to go into a frenzy, literally in some cases. We thought in this week’s blog we would take a look at Black Friday and how it has grown to the extreme shopping event we know today.

Traditionally the first shopping day after Thanksgiving in America; “Black Friday” is so named because retailers would be swamped by shoppers on this particular day, making huge sales and be “in the black”. We start off with a compilation of some typical Black Friday madness showing the huge numbers of bargain hunters allowing the stores to make these huge profits.

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How to protect your IP camera from hackers

As many of you may have seen, the world of CCTV and security was rocked this week by high profile reports of a Russian website, on which was posted thousands of feeds from webcams, CCTV and IP cameras from around the world, including over 500 from the UK. The links claimed to offer anything from views inside retail properties to live feeds from baby monitors. Many manufacturers’ equipment was listed in the feeds, including cameras from such brand names as Foscam, Linksys and Panasonic, with the COO of Foscam promptly branding the hack “a gross violation of people’s privacy.” He went on to suggest that “just because someone leaves their window open it does not give permission for an unauthorized individual to set up a camera outside their window and broadcast the feed worldwide.” But just how new is this threat? And what is the best way to protect your IP camera from hackers?

The BBC provided this edited screenshot of the website, obscuring the camera views

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Making Fat Balls to feed birds in Winter

Users of our popular bird nesting box cameras often ask us how to set up their bird boxes in a way that will guarantee usage and residents. One sure fire way to encourage bids to visit your garden is to have a feeder out throughout the year to provide them with a source of food, and at no time is this more important than in the lean Winter months, when foraged food is scarce, and the colder temperatures mean the birds need to load themselves up with calories in order to replace this lost energy. Because of this, one of the best ways to help out the wildlife in your garden is to put out Fat Balls to feed birds over the coming months.

image via

Fat Balls are made by collecting a wide variety of traditional bird foods such as seeds, fruit and grain, and bonding them together into a block using saturated fats. The birds can pick at the ball and eat the seeds and fat, giving them a high-calorie boost to provide extra energy for activities in the cold. You can buy them from any good pet or garden shop, often inside of pre-made feeders, but did you also know that they’re simple to make yourself? This quick recipe is easy to adapt for different species of bird, and different size balls… Continue reading

Introducing Our Covert IP Cameras – Next generation of IP Spy Cameras

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we here at SpyCameraCCTV towers are going just a little bit mad for IP cameras. There’s good reason for that- by recording digital footage and sending it directly to your network as data, they allow much more freedom when setting up your system, as you are not tied down to wiring everything back to a central DVR. Not only that, but they can record footage at resolutions much higher than is possible with traditional analogue equipment. Traditional however, the cameras themselves have been rather bulky units, leaving very few options for discreet recording. This has all changed however, with our new range- the next generation of IP Spy Cameras!

720 HD WiFi IP Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor w/ Motion Detection

This IR sensor conceals a fully fledged Wifi IP camera

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Expert Guide- Setting up a mobile access wireless CCTV kit

The ability to view your CCTV on a smartphone or tablet is now one of the first features people ask for when searching for a new security system. It’s easy to see why- the ability to check in on your property or home no matter where you are simply provides great peace of mind. Quite often however, some of these systems can be rather daunting to get up and running, involving in depth setting changes on your router or network. Luckily, our simple to install digital wireless kit has been designed to be as easy as possible to get up and running. To show you how, we have put together this quick guide on how to set up Mobile Access Wireless CCTV for your home or office.

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Funny CCTV Friday- Happy Halloween!

In honour of the most ghoulish day of the year, we thought we’d share our favourite hidden camera halloween prank, in which a comically sadistic boyfriend decides to permanently traumitise his significant other using a surprisingly elaborate “ghost puppet” attached to their TV…

Happy Halloween folks, and don’t forget- there’s also a fangtastic 20% off EVERYTHING on our site over the weekend.

6 Signs you might have caught a ghost on CCTV (or not)

As it’s Halloween on Friday, we thought we would take some time on the blog this week to look at some of the more unusual goings-on that have been captured on camera over recent years. The always-on nature of CCTV systems means that these days it is one of the first ports of call for those looking for evidence of the paranormal, seeking to find spooky events and apparitions that may otherwise have gone unseen. It’s a phenomena that has been mirrored in Hollywood, with films such as Paranormal Activity playing on the found footage look for ghoulish jump-scares. But how do keen-eyed investigators spot a ghost on CCTV? Here are some examples that have been held up as suspicious, we’ll let you exercise you’re own judgement…

  1. Shadowy Figures
    Security guards at Dover Castle appeared to be baffled by this dark figure that moved across the image by their gate. Some were quick to suggest it was a visitor from another astral plane, whilst others opted for a fly on the lens.

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6 Helpful Tips for Best Night Vision CCTV Cameras. – SpyCameraCCTV Blog

Don’t forget! This coming Sunday is the end of British Summer Time, meaning the clocks go back an hour, and everyone is blessed with another hour’s sleep. Unfortunately the downside to this is that night falls much quicker in the evening. Because of this we thought it would be the ideal time to update one of our more popular posts from back in March this year, about how to get the best results from night vision CCTV…

By their very nature, most of the incidents you’ll need to record in a home CCTV system are going to be happening under the cover darkness.  Because of that, setting up effective night vision is vital to getting the best results from your security equipment. There are however some easy traps to fall into when choosing and installing your cameras that can greatly impact the quality of the image that they will record. Because of that we recommend keeping these helpful tips for getting the best from Night Vision CCTV cameras.

Choosing the right cameras is vital to getting the best night vision

Choosing the right cameras is vital to getting the best night vision

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Ask an expert- Is Wireless CCTV Cross Compatible?

Every now and then we like to take a question from one of our customers and discuss it in detail here on the blog. Today’s query is about the oft-confusing world of Wireless CCTV…

Q: I purchased a wireless CCTV kit a couple of years ago from yourselves I think, and it has been fantastic so far. Unfortunately, during some recent DIY an unfortunate mishap with angle grinder means one of the cameras is now out of commission. I can’t see the same model of camera on your website anymore, is all wireless CCTV cross compatible, or do I have to buy a specific model?

Wireless Colour CCTV Infrared IR Camera with Audio and Receiver 2.4GHz Continue reading