Spycam Scenario- Use CCTV for steering a canal boat

Scenario- I am retiring this year, and with some initial trepidation I have jumped in the deep end (so to speak) and purchased a narrow boat, so me and my wife can fulfll a long ambition in spending our days floating along Britain’s beautiful waterways. Unfortunately, our first trips have exposed a serious flaw in this plan- I appear to be incapable of steering the thing without colliding with anything remotely in my path. This was painfully demonstated recently with an horrific incident involving a lock and an innocent rubber dinghy. Now, I’m sure experienced boaters will balk at my troubles and suggest more practice, but at this stage I’m genuinely fearful for the safety of my fellow canal-goers. Do you have anything that can help me with steering a canal boat?

8751838751 10ff53ac43 Spycam Scenario  Use CCTV for steering a canal boat

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6 People who regret being caught on Dashcam

Originally made popular by drivers in countries like Russia- where police extortion and insurance fraud are all too common hazards for road users- Dashboard cameras (or “Dashcams”) are now an indispensible tool for drivers all over the world. By sitting behind the windshield and recording every that happens on the road in front of the car, providing you with vital evidence in case of collisions, shunts, or even scam artists. Of course, their widespread usage has also allowed us to capture moments of breathtaking insanity that would otherwise have been lost to the ages. Here are a few of the more ludicrous road users, who now surely wish they were not caught on Dashcam…

1) This Oscar winning acting performance

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Product guide- Setting up an IP camera system

Over the last few weeks we’ve been constantly singing the praises of our new IP cameras- network based digital security cameras that allow you to record footage at resolutions much higher than standard CCTV. There’s no denying however, that these systems are a bit more complex than standard analogue kits. Everything from the accessories required to how they are linked together is quite different, so we thought it would be worth taking a look at what goes into a simple IP camera system, as well as what you need to get it all up and running. Don’t take this as gospel however, there are myriad ways they can link together, this is simply one basic example! The system I will work around today looks generally like this-

ip camera system 1024x768 Product guide  Setting up an IP camera system

6 IP camera system with NVR

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Spycam Scenario- Using CCTV for Crowd Control

Scenario: I am the groundskeeper for a small non-league football team. As we traditionally only have a very small local following, so far we have only installed very basic CCTV on the ground, overlooking a few key areas. The boys have had quite a bit of success this season however, and as a result we’ve seen our crowd sizes increase quite a bit. After a couple of drunken incidents we decided it is time to invest in some improved CCTV for crowd control. The budget is not huge, but we can afford some decent gear- just what do we need to consider when looking to set the system up? Would 700TVL cameras be sufficient?

3171790960 daa1a91732 Spycam Scenario  Using CCTV for Crowd Control

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Product Focus- WiFi Hidden IP Cameras

There are some workplace environments where discreet security monitoring can be incredibly difficult. In offices especially, workers can easily spot larger cameras once installed, and once people know about the location of the camera it’s easy for them to adjust their behaviour so that they can avoid it- all of a sudden it becomes much more difficult to catch someone stealing those supplies from the stationary cupboard. Even tiny pinhole cameras can often have their own limitations, as they usually have incredibly limited recording settings, confined to basic motion detection modes. So is there a way to approach the in depth recording settings of fully fledged CCTV in a discreet, self contained camera? Well let me introduce you to our WiFi Hidden IP Cameras.

3918 l Product Focus  WiFi Hidden IP Cameras

We supply WiFi IP cameras hidden inside unassuming devices such as PIR detectors

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Brazil 2014- Security at the World Cup

Now, the astute amongst you may have noticed some publicity this week about some kind of sports event.Yes, it’s that time when all of the countries of the globe- well, 32 of them at least- can bond and fall out over the shared joys of wondrous goals, spectacular skill, and woeful penalty calls. Whilst global audiences tune in on the TV, masses have now descended on the host country to watch the biggest show on the planet, placing huge demands on Brazil’s infrastructure. Amongst the many demands the organisers have had to contend with, from construction to transport links, one of the most contentious issues has always been security at the World Cup.

640px Brazil fans at Brazil and North Korea match at FIFA World Cup 2010 06 15 5 Brazil 2014  Security at the World Cup

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CCTV News This Week

This week’s CCTV News brings some shocking footage of a 79-year old woman being mugged and teenagers assaulting a disabled man. Also this week, most people fear elevators dropping but have you ever worried about one shooting up to the roof? Well you probably should….

Elderly Woman Mugged Outside her Home

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High concept attempts to hide from CCTV

These days CCTV cameras are an integral part of the modern environment, and very few people can deny the important role they play in keeping people and property secure. Even so, this ubiquity has led to unease, with many concerned about a lack of transparency over just who is keeping watch over the footage. Recent advances in technology has pushed this debate forward again, with video analytics software letting authorities automatically identify individuals when their faces are captured on CCTV. Internet-enabled wearable devices such as Google glass even have the potential to bring this kind of ability to the man on the street. It’s no surprise then, that it’s no longer just nefarious individuals who are looking into ways to hide from CCTV cameras. Some enterprising individuals have been looking into it…

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Spycam Scenario- Using an IR repeater for CCTV

Scenario: I help manage a small warehouse property on a trading estate. Recently there has been some break-ins on other properties on the estate, so we are now looking at improving our security systems. We have a small security office by the entrance of the property, across the car park from the warehouse, and want to have security monitors in this office viewing 4 cameras in the warehouse. Unfortunately we can’t run a cable, as it would have to pass over the car park, and we still need vandal proof cameras, so we’ve been told wired cameras with transmitters are the way to go. The prices for 4 transmitter packs however are quite expensive, and way beyond our budget. Are there any ways we can have a similar set up for within our budget, perhaps using an IR repeater?

3738 l Spycam Scenario  Using an IR repeater for CCTV

A typical 4 camera long range kit- very flexible but all of those transmitters come at a price

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