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Pinhole PIR Detector Hidden CCD Camera with 420TV line and Audio

  • Camera hidden in PIR sensor case with audio
  • High resolution colour CCD camera with 420 TV lines
  • 3.7mm lens for extra wide angle of view
  • Hidden Pinhole Camera camouflaged in a PIR
  • Discrete CCTV surveillance for your home and office
  • A dummy case, not a working PIR sensor
  • Covert surveillance for property, office, possessions
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Pinhole PIR Detector Hidden CCD Camera with 420TV line and Audio

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  • £48.00 Inc. VAT

Hidden Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Audio 420TVL Sony CCD 0.1lux

  • High quality colour Sony CCD camera with 420TVL
  • Cam and mic hidden inside a working smoke detector
  • Smoke detector spy camera has microphone for audio
  • 3.7mm pinhole camera lens gives a wide angle view
  • 0.1 Lux rating - camera sees in low light conditions
  • Covert surveillance for property, office, possessions
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  • £59.00 Inc. VAT

Pinhole Hidden PIR Detector Sony CCD CCTV Spy Camera with 540 TV lines

  • 540 TVL Spy Camera hidden in a PIR Sensor with audio.
  • 3.7mm wide angle lens for 72 degrees of vision.
  • Sony CCTV security camera with 540 TV line quality.
  • Discreet CCTV surveillance for your home and office.
  • A dummy case, not a working PIR.
  • Covert and camouflaged surveillance for any scenario.
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HD Pinhole Spy Camera hidden in Battery w Micro SD Motion Detect DVR

  • Tiny covert video recorder hidden inside fake Lithium Battery
  • Spy camera records detailed video at 720p HD quality
  • Power bank casing ideal for discreet recording in an office
  • Built in battery allows up to 8 hours of continuous recording
  • Motion Detection Recording mode
  • Tiny microphone enables audio recording
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  • £79.00 Inc. VAT

Spy Cameras - Just Cameras - Camouflage Cameras

Many of our cameras are designed for discretion, but there are some situations where it is of paramount importance that your security camera remains completely invisible to prying eyes. It's for exactly these situations that we have put together our range of Camouflage covert spy cameras at SpyCameraCCTV

Designed to look exactly like common household objects, these unassuming cameras all record high quality full colour video, and 3.7mm wide angle lenses to capture the much of your target room as possible. Whether you are concerned about Office security, want to keep check on a staff room or just need extra peace of mind for your home, these invisible security cameras are the perfect solution. No one will suspect that these everyday objects are deftly concealing your security system!

For those who don't need to be quite so discreet, we have an expansive range of home CCTV systems, with a wide variety of camera and recorder options.
SpyCameraCCTV manufacture security cam systems. From hidden, pinhole, wired and wireless spycams to full surveillance kit to include DVR's, PVR's, mini LCD screens and much more.
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