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Wireless 2.4GHz Pinhole Hidden Mini Spy Camera DVR with SD Recording

  • Perfect for Covert Hidden Camera Surveillance
  • Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera and DVR Receiver Pack
  • Tiny Wireless 2.4GHz Colour Pinhole Spy Camera
  • Advanced 1 Channel DVR allows Motion Detection
  • Record High Quality D1 720 x 576 Video at 25FPS
  • Wireless Signal up to 50M Unobstructed Range
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  • SAVE £27.80 £111.20 Inc. VAT

Wireless Colour Pinhole Spy Cam and Receiver, Original Tiny Camera

  • Wireless hidden pinhole camera just 2x2x2cm
  • Perfect for covert surveillance and easily hidden
  • Wireless audio/video transmission up to 50m
  • Hide the camera away and monitor staff/house/kids etc.
  • Connects to: TV/VCR/DVR/screen with a composite AV input
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  • SAVE £8.60 £34.39 Inc. VAT

Wireless Bird Box Camera & Receiver with Night vision & USB connector

  • Wireless mini bird box camera and USB receiver pack
  • Tiny hidden camera measures just 42x35x35mm
  • Wireless nest box camera transmits video and audio
  • Perfect for covert wildlife surveillance with Infrared
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Super wide angle 2.8mm lens perfect for bird box viewing
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  • SAVE £14.79 £59.18 Inc. VAT

Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision - Perfect for your Garden

  • Tiny Camera for Bird Boxes - size of a matchbox
  • Wide Angle for maximum view - 2.8mm/110 degree
  • Wireless audio and colour video images to your TV
  • 6 night vision LED's so camera works in the dark
  • Beautiful packaging & simple to set up
  • Our Best selling bird box camera kit
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  • SAVE £8.40 £33.58 Inc. VAT

2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Hidden Spy Pinhole Camera 380 TV Lines with Audio

  • Wireless 2.4Ghz Pinhole Spy Camera with Audio
  • High Quality 380 TV Line CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Measures 56x60x45mm with removable stand
  • Changeable Channel (1-4) with Switches on back
  • Wireless Range 50m Unobstructed, 20m Obstructed
  • THIS IS A CAMERA ONLY, receiver not supplied
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  • SAVE £5.20 £20.80 Inc. VAT

Wireless 2.4GHz Colour Bird Box Wildlife Camera IR Night Vision 380TVL

  • Wireless 2.4GHz Colour Bird Box Camera with audio.
  • 380TVL Resolution - perfect for Wildlife Watching.
  • Black and White Infrared gives Superior Nightvision.
  • Wide angle 2.8mm lens gives 130 degree field of view.
  • 50m unobstructed wireless range 10-20m obstructed.
  • THIS IS A CAMERA ONLY, receiver not supplied.
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  • £25.50 Inc. VAT

Mini Colour Wireless Bird Box Wildlife Camera and SD Card DVR Recorder

  • Colour Bird Box Camera Kit with SD Card Recorder
  • 30m obstructed Wireless Range, 50m unobstructed
  • 1 Channel 2.4 GHz wireless recorder DVR with motion detection
  • Insert SDHC card into Computer or Mac to view video
  • Record High Quality D1 720 x 576 Video at 25 FPS
  • Easy Recorder and Wireless Nestbox Camera setup
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  • SAVE £27.90 £111.60 Inc. VAT

Mini Wireless Night Vision Bird Box Camera for Mac OSX with USB

  • Tiny Wireless Bird Box Camera with USB converter for Mac
  • USB Device fully compatible with Apple Mac computers
  • Camera records high quality Video with Audio
  • Infra-Red LEDs provide crisp Night Vision
  • Wireless camera transmits up to 50m in clear line of sight
  • Kit includes easy to use video editing software
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  • SAVE £15.20 £60.79 Inc. VAT

Mini Hidden Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera for Mac w USB Video Capture

  • Wireless hidden Pinhole Camera with up to 50m range
  • Discreet camera is only about the size of an Oxo cube!
  • In built microphone records Audio
  • Camera records colour video at 380TV Lines
  • Includes Mac compatible USB Video Capture Device
  • Record spy videos straight to your Apple Mac!
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  • SAVE £14.80 £59.20 Inc. VAT

2.4GHz Digital Wireless Colour Spy Camera with Audio and Receiver

  • Easy to set up wireless camera is ideal for discreet recording
  • Digital Wireless allows transmission range up to 100m
  • Reduced risk of image breakdown caused by interference
  • Secure pairing prevents other equipment from picking up signal
  • Built in microphone allows audio recording
  • Our smallest digital wireless camera!
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  • SAVE £10.60 £42.39 Inc. VAT

Wireless Cameras - Mini Spy Cameras & Pinhole Cameras

With Home security systems becoming increasingly popular, technology has moved forward and the price of pinhole cameras have reduced considerably. Whilst still giving a clear image a mini spy cam can be just 2cm x 2cm x 1cm. This makes it possible to hide the pinhole camera in places that were not possible just a few years ago. Needing a hole of just a few mm wide to hide behind these are truly covert cameras. A covert camera can be hidden in a cuddly toy, picture frame, an old book or just positioned behind an object so the CCTV camera is completely out of view. This section of the website shows a variety of hidden mini spy cams which can run from a standard 9V battery or mains power which makes them perfectly covert.

SpyCameraCCTv's wireless covert camera can be used as a security camera to send Audio and Video wirelessly up to 100 meters in a clear line of sight. This means you don't even have to be in the same room in order to see what is going on. We stock a hidden camera which will send the signal to a standard PC and record directly onto the hard drive. Thus eliminating the need to connect to a VCR and change the tapes every 4-8 hours. Some of the mini spy cameras come with a wireless receiver which will record directly onto a SD card, with motion detection to save space. This can be the perfect solution where space is an issue and being discreet is important as the card may only need to be changed weekly.

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we really have heard it all from cheating spouses, staff stealing from the till and colleagues pinching stationery from private drawers. Our mini spy cameras have been used in all of the situations and more in countries all over the world. It's hard to believe that such a tiny camera can be so effective and produce such high quality images, all of our customers and surprised and pleased with the results. Buy mini spy cameras, covert cameras, hidden cameras & pinhole cameras at factory direct prices only at - SpyCameraCCTV.
SpyCameraCCTV manufacture security cam systems. From hidden, pinhole, wired and wireless spycams to full surveillance kit to include DVR's, PVR's, mini LCD screens and much more
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