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About Us

We have been sourcing, supplying and selling great new products online since 2007. Based in Bristol, we have been supplying DIY and professional wired and wireless security camera systems to the trade, security professionals as well as the general public all at direct from factory prices.

For some people, spy and security cameras are about as interesting as a health and safety lecture, but our team are different. Whilst we try not to send our friends to sleep in the pub talking endlessly about video footage and night vision cameras at the weekend, we get quite excited when talking amongst ourselves and helping our clients catch a crook. There is nothing more satisfying that catching somebody 'in the act'.

Get to know the team, with our brief profiles below:



Lee Adams
Managing Director


Our fearless leader, Lee, originally founded SpyCameraCCTV and has overseen it grow into a successful and operational company. In that time he has developed a deep and worrying knowledge of CCTV Cameras – he can often be found debating the merits of TVI and IP camera systems in his office. Luckily, he has a canny way of helping people understand the mysteries of CCTV security systems.


Chris Barrell
Operations Director


Chris is the right-hand man to Lee, overseeing the smooth running of the companyon a day-to-day basis. Chris decides what products we should supply and is very passionate about the product range. Once he finds a product he loves it is very hard for him to let it go.



James B

James B

Known as 'JB' to avoid confusion, James works in our sales team dealing with customers' queries and solving everyone's problems.




George is a part of our sales team. He's happy to help our customers with their sales enquiries over the phone or by email!





Sales Admin

Jethro looks after the sales team by taking care of all the admin and making sure they are following their processes.




Menh is a part of the helpdesk team. If you need any technical support, he can answer your questions leaving you completely satisfied and assured your issues are resolved.




Marketing Manager


Jamie gets the word out there by ensuring our products and sales are promoted. This ranges from encouraging people to view this website to handling our social media.





Kit supports Chris B with purchasing. Helpfully, Kit understands 'Chris speak' and can translate his product purchasing jargon into some tangible systems. If you have bought anything from us, Kit has no doubt had some involvement in getting it to us before it is sent to you.


Warehouse Manager


Warehouse Dave is in charge of our logistics and does a fantastic job at ensuring that we can deliver our items at the best price for our customers. As the king of efficiency, Dave makes sure that all our packages are delivered on time, if not early!


Warehouse Assitant

Luke assists Warehouse Dave in ensuring each and every shipment is sent out on time.


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