Spy Cameras to be fitted to Rhinos to fight against extinction

Rhinos in South Africa are being fitted with spy cameras in the fight against poachers who are decimating the endangered population. As a trial small spy cameras are being installed into rhinos’ horns to capture images of what it can see. Additionally these rhinos are being kitted out with heart-rate monitors and satellite tracking devices so that conservationists can see exactly where the rhinos are being poached.

A Rhino with a spycam fitted to its horn. Img via: Mirror.co.uk

A Rhino with a spycam fitted to its horn. Img via: Mirror.co.uk

The system used, known as RAPID or Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device is a British system and a serious attempt to combat the increased poaching of rhinos to prevent total extinction of the species. According to The Independent, it is feared that the rhino could be extinct by 2035 if poaching continues at this rate.

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Introducing the Hikvision Turbo HD TVI Range

Even for people as passionate about security and CCTV as ourselves, it’s a rare occasion when a new product gets us truly giddy with excitement- after all we understand that it’s hard to evoke iPhone level anticipation over brackets and recorders! This occasion may be a genuine exception however, as we can proudly announce that we are now stocking the Hikvision Turbo HD line of TVI enabled CCTV cameras and TVI recorders. These revolutionary devices combine the stunning recording resolution of an IP camera, with the easy plug and play installation of traditional analogue CCTV, making them one of the best options on the market for business or commercial security systems!

See the example video below for samples of just how much detail these new cameras can capture (view fullscreen at 1080p for full effect!):

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Hikvision CCTV DVRs now in stock!

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we have been supplying professional grade CCTV, security and surveillance equipment direct to customers since 2007. In that time we we like to imagine we have somewhat de-mystified the world of CCTV for our customers, and helped many to find DIY solutions without having to resort to the expense of a professional installation. Because of this, we’re genuinely excited to be able to announce that we are now stocking a range of genuine Hikvision CCTV DVRs- one of the most trusted names in surveillance and security! This new range will offer the in depth features and controls required for setting up a bespoke, all in an easy to use package that anyone can set up.

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CCTV News: Hatton Garden Raid suspects appear in court

Nine suspects appeared in court via video link today charged with conspiring to carry out what was probably the most audacious burglary seen in the UK for a generation- the Hatton Garden Raid. The arrests came after a huge operation by The Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad (of The Sweeney fame), culminating in the 9 arrests across London and Kent. Already reading like something out of a dubious British gangster film, the heist became seemingly more extraordinary when it was revealed that all but one of the suspects were aged over 50, and two were in their 70’s! It’s almost too perfect to imagine they were offered the chance to go on one last job

Surreal circumstances aside, experts have suggested the raid was one of the best planned and most meticulously executed in recent years, and as a result could potentially ruin the businesses of many of the target’s clients. The CCTV images released are chilling, showing men dressed as workmen removing huge bags of valuables. So how did this incredible raid unfold, and what will be the consequences?

hole in concrete wall

The hole drilled during the heist to access the vault. Image via Met Police

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Choosing the right Action Camera

With the recent explosion in usage of GoPros and action cameras, what was once a camera designed for niche hobbyists has now well and become a phenomena. Cameras and mounts are available for a huge range of uses; skating, biking and extreme sports; surfing and snorkelling; even action shots from motorsports track days. They have even started to be adopted by Hollywood film makers looking for insert shots that would destroy a more expensive camera. But the wide range of variations and options can lead to confusion when choosing the right action camera for you. We have pulled together a list of some of the important features and differentiating points to look out for when comparing models…

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6 Alternative uses for our wireless horsebox camera

Combining a rugged waterproof camera with a handy 7″ colour screen, our wireless horsebox camera kit is a tried and trusted way to keep an eye on your animals when transporting them in a vehicle. The compact camera can be installed inside the horsebox, where it wirelessly transmits video to the receiver in the screen. The screen can then be easily installed on your dashboard, giving you a live view of how your horse or livestock is doing during the journey. The camera wires directly into your vehicle’s lighting system, so you don’t need to worry about an external power source for it. Of course, whilst this is by far our customer’s favourite use for the camera, it has the potential to be used for so much more. Here at SpyCameraCCTV towers we have put together a list of some alternate uses for the camera system that you might not have thought of…

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General Election 2015 – What does it mean for public CCTV?

Watch out for hecklers and flying eggs, because it’s General Election time again! Whilst this year’s circus has sadly been devoid of deputy PMs punching protesters, it promises to be one of the closest races of modern times. Indeed, current polling suggestions we may wake up on Friday morning no closer to knowing who has actually walked away from General Election 2015 in government. Whilst this is all of interest for politics-watchers, what we want to know here at SpyCameraCCTV is how the result of the election could impact the security industry, in particular public CCTV systems monitored by the police?

David Cameron adjusting his tie

Preparing for a return to Government? image via

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Product Focus: Setting up POE IP cameras

Over the last couple of years we have seen IP cameras revolutionise the world of CCTV. Previously limited to high-end commercial systems, now the kits are now simple enough to be used without needing the same level of in depth networking knowledge. This means that even home users can now reap the benefits of the amazing image quality and flexible setup that IP systems allow. The extra flexibility they bring however does mean that options for setting them up can get quite confusing for new users. Nowhere is this more evident then when figuring out how to run power to the cameras, with options like local power, injectors and splitters adding to the confusion. Where possible, one simple solution for this conundrum is to use Power Over Ethernet, or POE IP Cameras.

POE IP cameras can greatly reduce the complexity of your system's wiring

POE IP cameras can greatly reduce the complexity of your system’s wiring

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8 of the craziest GoPro videos you will ever see

Us folks at SpyCameraCCTV are super excited as we are now stocking GoPro cameras. The super tough, waterproof 1080p HD Hero 3 is now available from our website and is the best thing since sliced bread if you want to capture great footage of extreme sports, driving, swimming on holiday or pretty much whatever you get up to.

To celebrate this week I tracked down some of the most eye popping and amazing footage caught on GoPro cameras around the world. So get comfortable and check out some of these daredevils and their risky escapades from the safety of your own home, without having to climb mountains, ride very fast down hills or jump out of a plane.

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Police Official Advises on Home Security CCTV Camera Positioning

Setting up the camera locations for your home security system is one of the most important aspects of installation, as a badly placed camera can mean the difference between catching a criminal or missing them entirely. It’s only natural then, that this is one of the things customers are most cautious about when planning and buying a kit. It raised a few eyebrows this week then, when the UK’s most senior police officer suggested a method of home CCTV camera positioning that is directly at odds with the most common methods advised by installers…

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. via

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