Choosing the right Action Camera

With the recent explosion in usage of GoPros and action cameras, what was once a camera designed for niche hobbyists has now well and become a phenomena. Cameras and mounts are available for a huge range of uses; skating, biking and extreme sports; surfing and snorkelling; even action shots from motorsports track days. They have even started to be adopted by Hollywood film makers looking for insert shots that would destroy a more expensive camera. But the wide range of variations and options can lead to confusion when choosing the right action camera for you. We have pulled together a list of some of the important features and differentiating points to look out for when comparing models…

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6 Alternative uses for our wireless horsebox camera

Combining a rugged waterproof camera with a handy 7″ colour screen, our wireless horsebox camera kit is a tried and trusted way to keep an eye on your animals when transporting them in a vehicle. The compact camera can be installed inside the horsebox, where it wirelessly transmits video to the receiver in the screen. The screen can then be easily installed on your dashboard, giving you a live view of how your horse or livestock is doing during the journey. The camera wires directly into your vehicle’s lighting system, so you don’t need to worry about an external power source for it. Of course, whilst this is by far our customer’s favourite use for the camera, it has the potential to be used for so much more. Here at SpyCameraCCTV towers we have put together a list of some alternate uses for the camera system that you might not have thought of…

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General Election 2015- What does it mean for public CCTV?

Watch out for hecklers and flying eggs, because it’s General Election time again! Whilst this year’s circus has sadly been devoid of deputy PMs punching protesters, it promises to be one of the closest races of modern times. Indeed, current polling suggestions we may wake up on Friday morning no closer to knowing who has actually walked away from General Election 2015 in government. Whilst this is all of interest for politics-watchers, what we want to know here at SpyCameraCCTV is how the result of the election could impact the security industry, in particular public CCTV systems monitored by the police?

Preparing for a return to Government? image via

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Product focus- Setting up POE IP Cameras

Over the last couple of years we have seen IP cameras revolutionise the world of CCTV. Previously limited to high-end commercial systems, now the kits are now simple enough to be used without needing the same level of in depth networking knowledge. This means that even home users can now reap the benefits of the amazing image quality and flexible setup that IP systems allow. The extra flexibility they bring however does mean that options for setting them up can get quite confusing for new users. Nowhere is this more evident then when figuring out how to run power to the cameras, with options like local power, injectors and splitters adding to the confusion. Where possible, one simple solution for this conundrum is to use Power Over Ethernet, or POE IP Cameras.

POE IP cameras can greatly reduce the complexity of your system's wiring

POE IP cameras can greatly reduce the complexity of your system’s wiring

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8 of the craziest GoPro videos you will ever see

Us folks at SpyCameraCCTV are super excited as we are now stocking GoPro cameras. The super tough, waterproof 1080p HD Hero 3 is now available from our website and is the best thing since sliced bread if you want to capture great footage of extreme sports, driving, swimming on holiday or pretty much whatever you get up to.

To celebrate this week I tracked down some of the most eye popping and amazing footage caught on GoPro cameras around the world. So get comfortable and check out some of these daredevils and their risky escapades from the safety of your own home, without having to climb mountains, ride very fast down hills or jump out of a plane.

We start with some invigorating footage of two chaps Kayaking down a drainage ditch in British Columbia and out to a river. Although there appears to be only a tiny amount of water involved this doesn’t stop them getting some impressive speeds of up to 45 miles an hour.

From down on the ground to up in the air next. Here is a frankly terrifying video of a man on his way to work. Unfortunately he works at the top of a 1768 ft tall tower and his job involves checking equipment which is up there in the clouds. Puts the commute to work into perspective a bit.

Someone who can’t decide whether they want to be in the air or on the ground is Kelly McGarry who we can see in this next clip doing backflips over a 72ft deep canyon. As if that’s not crazy enough he is also doing it on a bicycle powered only by his human legs.

Next up we have this rather brave fellow Matthias Giraud jumping off the edge of a cliff during an avalanche and parachuting down to safety. I was going to do this myself but he got there first so there doesn’t really seem any point now.

Just to give you an idea of how tough these cameras are and what you can put them through here is a video showing a camera falling from a plane all the way down to earth where it lands in a pig pen next to a curious pig. That’s a pretty tough camera there.

More things falling out of the sky next, this time it’s a man. This pretty darn scary footage shows in first person what happens if you jump from 1000ft off the side a cliff and your parachute doesn’t open properly, it’s nail biting stuff.

Easily the most unusual video in our selection today here we see a man floating up into the sky on a chair attached to a lot of helium balloons before bursting them with a shotgun and skydiving down to earth. As you do. I’m not entirely sure why he did this but it’s pretty awesome and the footage is incredible.

Last and by no means least; one of the most crazy and dramatic things I’ve seen captured on a GoPro. Two planes full of skydivers crashing into each other in mid air and falling (safely) down to earth. This clip shows the event from the multiple perspectives of the different skydivers’ GoPro cameras and really has to be seen to be believed.

While we don’t suggest the average person to try such extreme endeavours as these (not even if the footage is really cool) you can film your experiences and start your own GoPro video collection by visiting the SpyCameraCCTV website and checking one out. Try filming some less dramatic activities first before jumping off a cliff or doing backflips over a canyon though, that’s my advice.

Police Official Advises on Home Security CCTV Camera Positioning

Setting up the camera locations for your home security system is one of the most important aspects of installation, as a badly placed camera can mean the difference between catching a criminal or missing them entirely. It’s only natural then, that this is one of the things customers are most cautious about when planning and buying a kit. It raised a few eyebrows this week then, when the UK’s most senior police officer suggested a method of home CCTV camera positioning that is directly at odds with the most common methods advised by installers…

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. via

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. via

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Check our New Digital Wireless CCTV with Portable Monitor

Combining easy to set up cameras with an all-in-one receiver and monitor, our digital wireless LCD CCTV kits are amongst our most popular products, and a great choice for home security. Quite often however, we are asked whether it is possible to power the screen from a battery, letting you move it quickly to different locations. Because of this, we have designed our new range of digital wireless CCTV with portable monitors, adding a brand new screen powered by an internal rechargeable battery. This lets you easily pick it up and move it between rooms when needed, and along with a host of additional new features make it one of our most versatile kits for home security.

What’s more, there couldn’t be a better time to take an in depth look at the kit, as we have it running at a 20% discount all this weekend as an exclusive introductory offer!

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Introducing our new Remote CCTV Setup Service Guide

These days, almost all security and CCTV systems offer a remote monitoring feature, whether it’s using an internet enabled DVR, or a more advanced kit with HD IP cameras. This helps you keep an eye on your property wherever you are, by letting you log in and view your cameras live over the internet via a PC or smartphone. However, whilst this is a vital feature for any system, many kits are still too confusing to get up and running for those without a comfortable knowledge of networking, routers and other such matters. It’s exactly for this reason then, that we have put together our all-new remote CCTV setup services- just what you need to get your security system live with the minimum of hassle!

Of course, we know that not everyone’s needs will be the same, and someone setting up a single IP camera for their driveway will want a different service to someone setting up an 8 camera system to monitor a bar. Because of this we have split the service into three distinct service levels:

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5 Types of British Bird Box & Guide to Setup this Nesting Season


Many nest boxes at Eaton Park in Norwich

In the warm up to National Nest Box Week (starting February the 14th) this week we have a run-down of five species of British birds which you may wish to attract to your garden or farm, when to look out for them and the best way to set them up with a happy home.

To start us off here are some general tips and things to look out for when setting up a nest box to ensure it will weather the seasons and be a safe hideaway for your feathered friends:

  • Use components that will not rust: When assembling the box use galvanised or stainless steel screws and nails and when attaching the box to a tree using wire or any type of wire mesh ensure that is likewise rust proof. For the main box always use wood, preferably a hardwood such as Oak or Beech which must be at least 15mm thick.
  • Keep the box away from bird feeders: Any area with a bird feeder will attract a lot of activity and noise from visiting birds which may disturb the nesting process of any paired birds so place the box in a nice quiet area of your garden.
  • Make sure the roof of the box is tilted downwards: This will ensure any rain will drain away and not get into the box and build up, you can also drill a couple of small holes in the base for the same reason. If your box does not have a roof like this try and set it up so that it is tilted slightly downwards to give the same effect. Also check the box is positioned away from prevailing winds and strong sunlight.
  • If the box is attached to a tree use a metal plate around the entrance hole to deter predators: Attach a metal guard around the entrance to the box to keep the occupants safe from squirrels, cats and other climbing predators, these can be purchased from garden centres and some pet shops.
  • Be careful looking inside the nesting box: It is fine to have a peek inside at the occupants of your nest box from time to time once the eggs are being incubated but approach slowly and carefully with as little noise as possible. A good time to count the number of eggs in the nest is early in the morning as you will often find the parents out in search of food. Of course the best way to keep an eye on all the nesting action without having to ruffle any feathers is to install one of our bird box cameras and enjoy the footage from the comfort of your home.

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CCTV News: Using hidden cameras to monitor care

Last year we reported on how the seemingly endless stream of shocking exposes on poor care had led the Care Quality Commission to take the unusual step of drawing up advice for relatives on using hidden cameras to monitor care of the elderly and vulnerable. As the regulatory body responsible for monitoring standards in care homes, it could be seen as something of an indictment of their track record that so many families had resorted to installing spy clocks and pinhole cameras to monitor those interacting with their loved ones. A long list of high profile cases seemed to force their hand, and yesterday saw the release of an 11 page pamphlet- “Thinking about using a hidden camera or other equipment to monitor someone’s care?“. This was potentially a brave move for the CQC, who faced some criticism from those employed in the industry who saw it as a potential invasion of privacy.

The CQC is the regulatory body that monitors standards of residential care

The CQC is the regulatory body that monitors standards of residential care

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