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4 Quirky Gifts for Bird Lovers

With Christmas fast approaching it is time to get your Christmas gift buying sorted before it is too late. In this blog we suggest a few quirky ideas for gifts for your bird-loving friends and family. From the practical to the more eccentric embellishments we bring you gifts under £21 that will please your budding twitchers. All prices are correct at the time of posting.

Snowman Wild Bird Feeder

SnowManBirdFeederWhere to buy: Woodstream Europe Limited on Amazon

Price: £14.99 & Free Delivery

Bring a festive touch to your garden with this snowman bird feeder. With its metal construction and strong mesh design it allows birds to feed from all around. Fill it up with seed and birds will love visiting your garden. Furthermore the all-metal wire design protects birds from the avian disease and so it does not need to be washed—however if you do wish for it to be cleaned it is dishwasher safe. At just shy of £15 and with free delivery this bird feeder is a great value Christmas gift.


Birdsong Clock

BirdsongClockWhere to buy: RSPB


Bring the sounds of wildlife into the house with the RSPB’s birdsong clock. Each hour mark is decorated with an illustrated British bird and at the top of the hour the accompanying birdsong is played. Fortunately there is no need to worry about being awaken by the call of a Great Tit at 3am as the birds will not sound between the hours of 9pm and 6am. This clock would be an ideal addition to your kitchen and when you shop with the RSPB the profits are put towards saving nature and wildlife.


Teacup Bird Feeder

TeacupFeederWhere to buy: M&S

Price: £19.50

If the snowman bird feeder is a bit too festive for you then how about the teacup bird feeder? A quirky addition to anyone’s garden this porcelain bird feeder is mount on a metal rod for easy placement in your back yard. It’s not just a bird feeder, it’s an M&S bird feeder.




Burgon & Ball Storage Container for Binoculars & Tuck

TwitcherBoxWhere to buy: Burgon & Ball on Amazon

Price: £20.77

For any twitching enthusiasts a handy storage box is an essential! This petrol blue ‘binoculars & tuck’ box carries everything needed for a day outside bird watching. A generous internal space allows you to store all your twitching essentials such as binoculars, books and your flask of hot liquid. Additionally your all-important snacks can be kept safe and dry from the inevitable rainy days out in the wild.



Wireless Bird Box Camera

Our bird box camera kitWhere to buy:

Price: £39.99

For those with bird boxes for the nesting of birds you often never see what is happening inside but what if you could see in real-time what is happening inside your bird box? Our bird box cameras are specially designed to let you watch what is happening in your bird boxes without disturbing the birds. This is our best-selling product line and these are extremely popular as a gift for Christmas, during spring and for father’s day.

Find out more about our Bird Box Cameras on our website.

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