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5 Reasons to keep an eye on your dog while you’re out

Whilst they may be loyal and affectionate to your face, there is always a nagging suspicion that your canine companions get up to all manner of mischief when you leave them alone in the house. Whether it’s demolishing cherished possessions, enacting elaborate schemes to reach food, or more….sordid….acts, an empty house can be like a playground to an energetic dog. Once upon a time owners had to deduce what happened from the remaining debris, but thankfully IP cameras now allow you to keep an eye on your dog even when you’re out of the house. As to whether or not you’ll want to see what they get up to? Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that…

1) This dog with a taste for upholstery

I guess a dog’s diet can get quite repetitive after a while, so it’s only natural they’ll start expanding their taste horizons. I hear cushion foam is quite a popular choice.

2) This indoor mountaineer

These owners thought the food was safe on the highest shelf, but they hadn’t counted on their dog perfecting the free-solo route. Explorations begin at 0:35.

3) This impromptu pool party

OK, maybe not quite hidden camera footage, but I included it because dogs going down a water slide are funny…

4) Johnn Sebastien Bark

I’m not sure this is a common thing for dogs to get up to when the owners are away, but if it happens you’d definitely want it on camera

5) This dirty so and so

Let’s be honest….he knows the camera is there.

Of course, now that it’s easy to set up a camera to keep an eye on them, it’s possible they’re starting to get wise to this trick (wait till the end)

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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