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5 Unbelievable Moments Caught on CCTV

We’ve been trawling through YouTube to find 5 unbelievable moments caught on CCTV.

Lady Puts Cat In A Bin!

Most people will remember this going viral when Mary Bale from Coventry put Lola the cat in a wheelie bin. She apologised for her actions but had a stern talking to from the RSPCA and local police. She certainly learnt her lesson after crowds of furious cat lovers swarmed her home! Read more on this story on the BBC.

Man In A Wheelchair Tackles Store Robber

In Vancouver 2010 a man attempts to rob a local store but is stopped in his tracks when Larry Skopnik tackles him to the floor! Larry has been labelled a hero for this selfless act which saw him being pulled from his wheelchair as he refuses to release his grip on the robber.

Woman Fights Off A Wild Boar

Well….not quite a fight but she shoos it out with a plastic chair. Whilst everyone else flees the scene, this brave woman stood her ground and made sure Pumba left the building.

Naked Robber Chased By Police Dog

Could this guy’s evening get any worse? First he’s running naked through the streets with spotlights everywhere highlighting his naked shame, then he gets tackled by a police dog. Ouch!

Man Saves Toddler’s Life

A man, who is apparently a builder, saves a toddler’s life in a supermarket in Perth, Australia when the toddler stops breathing. After several tense moments the toddler starts breathing again. The meaningful hug he receives from another man (the child’s father?) is worthy of a few tears *sniff*

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