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6 People who regret being caught on Dashcam

Originally made popular by drivers in countries like Russia- where police extortion and insurance fraud are all too common hazards for road users- Dashboard cameras (or “Dashcams”) are now an indispensable tool for drivers all over the world. By sitting behind the windshield and recording every that happens on the road in front of the car, providing you with vital evidence in case of collisions, shunts, or even scam artists. Of course, their widespread usage has also allowed us to capture moments of breath-taking insanity that would otherwise have been lost to the ages. Here are a few of the more ludicrous road users, who now surely wish they were not caught on Dashcam…

1) This Oscar winning acting performance

A textbook example of Russian insurance fraud this one, you almost want to give him points for the well executed double-tuck. Shame he couldn’t quite stick the landing though.

2) This genius correctly observing traffic signals

The terrified pedestrians are inches away from tragedy, but it luckily results in just a near miss.

3) This hapless Russian road-goer

…Because it’s not just car drivers that can have a bad day whilst doing a morning’s delivery run.

4) This arrogant off-roader

Some people think that just because they’ve got a powerful off-road vehicle they can drive like they own place. Typical.

5) The reincarnation of Bruce Lee himself

This martial arts crusader seeks to fight injustice, over parking spaces….or something…

6) This Easy Rider

Or, a fantastic case study for the importance of insurance and correct safety gear.

If you feel like you may be at risk of sharing the road with any of these types during your daily commute, a fantastic option would be to look at our compact wide angle HD spy video recorder. With up to 10 hours recording time on one charge, you can easily set it on your dashboard in order to record everything that happens in front of your bonnet whilst on the move! As well as making a handy dashboard camera, the device is also ideal for a wide range of security applications, such as office recording or as a nanny camera!

Mini 720 HD Motion Detect Spy Video Recorder w/ Wide Angle Tilt Lens
Our compact spy video cameras make excellent dashcams
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