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7 Tips on how to avoid car crime this Winter

Inevitably, it has reached the point of the year when the nights are closing in and daylight hours dwindle. In preparation for the clocks going back later in the month, now is a perfect time to make sure that your home is secure for the holiday seasons. Of course, after our home itself, the most expensive thing that most of us will ever own is our car. Unless you are lucky enough to own a garage, you then have to leave this massive investment outside of the safety of your home. It’s no surprise then, that monitoring cars parked in a driveway or on the street is one of the single most common questions we get asked here at SpyCameraCCTV. In the past we have provided tips on setting up cameras for this, so we thought we would provide a few bits of info on how to avoid car crime after the clocks go back…

City street at night time
image via


  1.  It’s not just about protecting your car itself
    According to the most recent national crime survey vehicle related crime has continued to reduce over the last few years. However, by far the most prevelant type of crime recorded is theft from a vehicle, making up a whopping 74% or reported vehicle related crime. What’s more, this type of crime has reduced less than theft of cars. So make sure any measures you take will help protect the contents of your car as well as the car itself.
  2. Get ready for when the clocks go back. Burglars generally prefer to go about their crimes under cover of darkness, and the clocks going back gives them an extra hour in the evening to do so. In fact, a recent study commissioned by an insurance company suggests that burglaries go up a whopping 26% in the week between Halloween and Bonfire night (the week following the switch on the 26th).
  3. Take care when installing security lights. If you use illuminators, then if possible make sure your car is completely within their range, and not outside of the illuminated area. There are even reports of poorly placed lights with too much power causing poor quality CCTV due to glare. It’s actually better to have lower illumination lights we even coverage then incredibly bright lights that leave dark shadows.
  4. Park off the street if possible. OK, this is easier said than done for many people, but parking on a driveway greatly reduces the risk of your vehicle being targeted, and even more so if it is behind a gate.
  5. Think about lighting when you park. If you are concerned about leaving your car in an unfamiliar place, it’s worth parking in spots without overhanging trees to provide cover, and in full view of the street. Be careful about lighting though, a clear spot in the day might have no street lighting after dark.
  6. Hide that SatNav! With ever more advanced models now available, SatNav devices are one of the most common targets of theft from cars. West Midlands Police have some simple tips for preventing yours from being stolen. This include always taking them off the windshield & wiping off the tell-tale mark left by the suction cup, and never leaving it in the glovebox (thieves are clued up to that one!)
    Sat Nav inside the front windscreen of a car
    Sat Navs are one of the most common targets for thieves. image via
  7. Don’t leave it unattended whilst warming up! This one is for those upcoming cold winter mornings, according to West Mercia Police it is increasingly common for thieves to target cars that have been left running in order to warm up and defrost in the morning. They stress to never leave a car running- even if it’s only for a second whilst you pop inside- to defrost. Instead use an ice scraper to clear the windscreen and then wait inside the car while it warms up.
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