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Amanada Knox Trial, Lager Theft and Ox Rampage in CCTV News

Each week we gather together some of the top CCTV news stories from the week including some rather weird and wonderful goings-on.

This week sees a new development in the Amanda Knox court case where new CCTV footage casts her alibi into doubt. Also a pregnant woman may have stolen lager from a Spar whilst in Brazil an Ox rampages through a hospital.

New CCTV Casts Doubt on Knox Alibi

Knox Court Case CCTV Casts Doubt


CCTV footage released by an Italian TV program has cast doubt on Amanda Knox’s alibi that she was with her boyfriend at the time Meredith Kercher was murdered.

The CCTV footage shows a woman walking through a park near the flat around the time of the murder. The woman apparently resembles Knox.

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Pregnant Woman Wanted for Lager Theft

Police have released this CCTV image of a woman, who may be pregnant, who is wanted in connection with a lager theft from a Spar in Lancaster.

The woman may be pregnant and owned a dark furred, husky-type dog.

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Ox Rampages Through Hospital

CCTV footage shows an Ox running through a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil whilst staff and visitors run to get out of the animal’s way.

The footage shows one woman walking towards the camera then suddenly turns and runs to be shortly followed by the confused Ox.

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