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Announcing our range of Hikvision Thermal Cameras

Announcing our range of Hikvision Thermal Cameras

As an authorised Hikvision wholesaler, we work to bring our trade customers a complete range of professional security solutions. With this in mind, we are proud to say that we can now supply Hikvision thermal cameras, unleashing some of the most advanced security features available on the market today. Once the exclusive domain of costly industrial systems and military equipment, this new range of thermal imaging equipment looks just like standard CCTV cameras, and can connect to any one of Hikvision’s professional NVRs. This not only makes it realistic option for customers on mid-sized budgets, but means they can seemlessly integrate into an existing IP security system.

How do thermal cameras work?

Whilst traditional CCTV cameras pick up visible light and some infrared (so-called “near infrared”), thermal cameras detect infrared with much, much longer wavelengths. This means they can detect the ambient heat that is emitted by everyday objects. Because subjects such as vehicles and people are much hotter than their surroundings, they stand out brightly on thermal cameras. As they use a different wavelength to visible light, it means they work exactly the same night or day, and are totally unaffected by things such as smoke and haze, that can completely obscure standard cameras.

Our range includes two types of camera. Thermal cameras (unsurprisingly) only have thermal detectors, just providing one type of image. We also list bi-spectrum cameras, that pair up a thermal module with an HD optical camera. These can display either type of image, or combine them into an overlay, dubbed “image fusion”.

Smart detection features

Whilst the cameras by themselves are incredibly useful, they truly come into their own when combined with Hikvision’s range of smart detection video analytics. The features include line crossing, region enter/exit and intrusion detection, all completely customisable using Hikvision’s iVMS-4200 PC client. Using these analytics allows you to set up automatic alerts which are significantly more accurate than cameras using standard motion detection, with far fewer false alarms. The cameras also feature alarm inputs and outputs, letting you easily integrate these features into an existing alarm system.

Their sensors also allow some additional analytics modes that are unique to thermal cameras. These include multi point fire detection, and the ability to trigger an alert when the temperature in a region rises above a specified temperature level.

Wide ranging applications

These advanced features lend the cameras to a host of varied uses

  • Monitoring the perimeter of a property, using line crossing and intrusion detection to quickly identify trespassers before they are even seen
  • Security for coastal properties, where long distances make traditional night vision ineffective
  • Recording overgrown or forested areas, where standard cameras are frequently obscured by vegetation
  • Monitoring high energy industrial equipment that can be at risk of overheating
  • Watching for fires in high risk environments

Special order items

The specialist nature of the equipment means we are currently only able to provide thermal cameras to our dedicated trade customers. Products are sourced directly from Hikvision, with a 4-5 week lead time, and we are unable to provide returns for non-faulty thermal cameras. If you are interested in providing thermal cameras for a client, or are even looking to order an item that we don’t have listed, just get in touch with one of our advisers today!

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