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Best 4 Camera Outdoor Wireless CCTV Systems

At SpyCameraCCTV we love specializing in great home wireless CCTV systems. Whether it is something entry-level so that you can monitor outside the front of your house or something more advanced for larger sites we have kits to suit every need. Wireless is a beneficial option because you can cut down on the amount of cabling you need to run from the cameras to the recorder whilst retaining high-quality images. It can be daunting when faced with choosing the right wireless CCTV system with many technologies and types to choose from. What wireless range do I need? How much night vision should I go for? The good news is that choosing a wireless system needn’t be so tricky. Here are 3 options for 4 camera kits in different ranges: entry-level, mid-range and advanced for you to consider.

Entry-Level: Easy Wireless CCTV

4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV Kit with Portable Monitor

4 camera digital wireless cctv system with portable monitor

Our best home wireless CCTV system is our digital wireless portable monitor kit with night vision. Featuring 4 digital wireless cameras that, once powered up, pair to the recorder this is the easiest kit to set up. A range of up to 100 metres is provided by digital wireless transmission from the cameras – this is particular useful if you want to mount cameras where running a co-axial cable would be inconvenient. The centre-piece to this kit is the combined 3-in-1 LCD monitor, receiver, SD card recorder, which is really handy for those who want a no-fuss solution.

Despite it being the cheapest kit we have it is also one of the most feature-packed. You can view all four cameras on the 9-inch colour screen in real-time to monitor what is happening live. Recording is achieved by the included MicroSD card slot that accepts cards up to 64GB in capacity for plenty of storage space. The intuitive menu system allows you to fully customise all settings easily without having to know the A-to-Z of CCTV terms. Helpfully there are a range of other features that make it useful for home users. Talkback provides the ability to use the cameras as two-way intercoms – useful particularly if you are using one of the cameras by a doorway. Crucially this kit features a network connection so that you can remotely view footage when you are away from the home. Simply connect the monitor to your network router and use the app on your iOS or Android smartphone to view live footage from the cameras wherever you are.

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Mid-Level: Complete Wireless CCTV

4 Camera Digital Wireless Security System with 1TB CCTV DVR

4 camera digital wireless cctv system with professional dvr

Unlike the portable monitor kit this wireless CCTV system features a fully-fledged CCTV DVR. This means you can have professional CCTV for a small price tag. Whereas this kit works in a similar way it is connected together slightly differently. The night vision cameras transmit their images to their receivers over a range of up to 100 metres and the receivers connect into the recorder via standard BNC connectors. This still provides you with plenty of range between the cameras and receivers.

The primary benefit of the professional DVR is the inclusion of a massive server-grade hard drive that can store hours and hours of footage. This is ideal if you want reliable 24/7 surveillance that you can come back to at a later date if you need to. Furthermore, it means that advanced recording options are included such as motion detection, 7-day scheduling, all adjustable on a camera-by-camera basis. I need not mention all the other benefits of this system such as network access and connectivity with HDTVs and monitors. With this great recorder and night vision cameras this wireless CCTV system is ideal for an advanced home installation, a shop or a small business site.

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Advanced-level: Best Quality Wireless CCTV

Long Range Wireless HD IP Camera System with NVR

4 camera 720p hd ip security system with NVR

Our most advanced system, this wireless CCTV system stands out from the rest due to the inclusion of our Wi-Fi bridges. This allows you to send the video from the night vision cameras across a huge range – up to 5 kilometres in direct line-of-sight to be exact. Therefore, this is something you’d want to use if you were using it across a larger site such as a farm or industrial estate. For us these kits have had major popularity for farmers for watching over animals where they want to keep an eyes on their sheep and horses during lambing and foaling season from the comfort of their home. This system uses digital IP technology which means it keeps full, crisp HD quality even over this long distance. Like our mid-level system, it uses a professional recorder, an NVR, to capture full-quality HD video with remote network access available for monitoring. All the outdoor network cabling is high-quality outdoor Cat 6 and all accessories are included – it’s all included for you here to install a truly versatile surveillance system.

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