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Big Brother is Watching

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper and not find an opinion piece or article analysing the Big Brother society we currently live within. There is an ongoing debate over the spy equipment used in our everyday life escalated from CCTV cameras on street corners to tracking devices in supermarket tills.


You may even be shopping for more than you bargained for next time you head down to the local supermarket thanks to the radio frequency ID tags used to monitor customer’s shopping habits. This aids supermarkets in identifying best sellers and using the information for product placement, end of aisle bargains and complimentary products. In 2008 in America certain civil organisations announced they would boycott shopping at supermarkets that used these tags.


Whether this can be classified as spy equipment or simply using technology to exploit commercial opportunities is another matter. Supermarkets argue it is there to improve products and their availability, whereas certain consumers believe that any equipment that allows products to be tracked is an intrusion on their human rights. However, this kind of technology can eliminate wasteful overproduction and improve stock levels, with many consumers accepting this type of equipment is not technically ‘spying’. The controversy over these ‘spy chips’ originated when a radio frequency ID tracking system was used in razor blades to catch shoplifters. Any consumer who picked up the razor blades automatically triggered CCTV surveillance of themselves. Either way it goes to show how mundane or daily activities can be deemed an infringement on personal rights, with companies depending on spy techniques such as the above to gain an edge over the competition.


If you are looking for spy equipment, SpyCameraCCTV has a comprehensive selection of products featuring the latest technology. There are excellent gadgets available which are great for covert surveillance from teddy bears, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, toy cars, watches, pens, tissue boxes and various other mini hidden cameras.

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