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Black Friday Madness – Fails, Fights and Falls

Black Friday is just around the corner which means the excitement for cheap Christmas gifts is beginning to build. The best part of all? Watching videos of crazy Black Friday bargain hunters the day after of course! To save you from scrolling through thousands of videos on YouTube we bring you the best and craziest Black Friday fails, fights and falls all caught on CCTV and mobile phones.


  1. Police Encounters

Police in Wal-Mart had to wrestle a woman to the ground after she fought another shopper over a 23 inch TV. Fellow shoppers look on, unperturbed as the woman wriggles around on the ground. 

2. Stampede!

Impatient shoppers in Puerto Rico rush the security team at this Wal-Mart and start a stampede towards the store. Things started off calmly until one man breaches the impenetrable 4 foot gate and soon other eager bargain hunters follow suit. It doesn’t take long for shoppers to flood the entrance of the store. Keep an eye on the staff member in the yellow uniform doing his best to slow the overwhelming tide of customers by tutting and shaking his head. You tell ’em!

3. Wedged In

A Black Friday stampede at a Target store in Buffalo ends up wedging customers in the front door with many trampled and severely hurt. You can see one man having to crawl his way to safety aided by a fellow shopper. Then customers come flooding in, fist pumping the air, victorious and ready to buy cheap, unwanted products at slightly cheaper prices. You go get those bargains!

4. Ultimate Black Friday Fail Compilation

Check out this YouTube compilation of utter chaos on Black Friday in America, including riots, stampedes and some downright dirty bargain hunting. 


Top image via Wikimedia

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