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Bristol Airport: A Runway Perspective

We were contacted the other day by a Mr Philip Brockwell from Bristol Airport who purchased one of our Gamut security cameras to monitor arrivals and departures in and out of one of the runways at Bristol Airport. The runway is designated for private aircraft and not commercial jets. Interestingly, Philip also informed us that the camera was also purchased to:

– Boost SEO, the camera has attracted many visitors to the website, particularly aviation enthusiasts

– Allow pilots to monitor the weather forecast before departing to leave for the airport

– Securely monitor the fleet of aircraft

Unfortunately due to the remoteness of the airport, it does not benefit from a super-fast internet connection, and the host speed of the airport’s web server is only as good as it can be for that area. The HD quality of the camera means the footage that is being recorded onto the digital video recorder will be a lot clearer and sharper than that shown through the live stream. You can see the live feed by clicking on the following link: Bristol Airport Webcam.

The outdoor CCTV security camera itself records at high definition 540 TV Lines, using an HD CCD chip manufactured by Sony. It features a manual verifocal lens allowing the user to zoom and focus on distant objects, or zoom out for a wide angle view. The camera is housed in a waterproof case with the cable concealed inside a vandal-proof bracket.

Given the success of the surveillance camera at Bristol Airport, we are looking into offering specialist camera packages designed for these types of set ups, allowing the user to zoom in if need be, whilst also allowing a panoramic wide angle view to monitor day-to-day activities. We hope all those visiting the website to view the live feed are benefiting from the pictures!

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