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Bristol’s Bramble Farm Goat Attack

A family run farm project in Knowle, Bristol called Bramble Farm were devastated to find two of their seven month old pygmy goats attacked by dogs. They were even more upset to find large holes in the fencing to their enclosure which suggests that it was cut and the dogs intentionally sent in there. One of the young goats was killed and the other seriously injured.

Bramble Farm Families
Photo from the Bramble Farm Facebook Page


Chantelle Swainger, 21, was awarded funding to buy the goats three months ago as a way of allowing local children to spend time with animals. Chantelle told the Bristol Post; “I am absolutely devstated. I was shocked to find that two large holes had been cut in the farm’s main fence and then in the goat’s enclosure. The cuts are too big and deliberate to be a fox or something like that. The vet said that the goat’s injuries are consistent with dog bites.”

Catherine Jameson, 40, another worker at the farm and a Research Assistant at Bristol University said “Please show your support to Chantelle, and the farm in general, by passing on any information. Let’s get these idiots.”

One local Bristolian came forward in an attempt to help the farm. Douglas Bradshaw uses his state pension to help locals and charities, so for Bramble Farm he bought a camouflage CCTV camera from SpyCameraCCTV. The trail camera can be neatly hidden in the surrounding wooded areas and is triggered by motion so the families who run the farm will be alerted if anyone comes onto the property.

Bramble Farm is a self-funded community farm which aims to be self-sustaining whilst playing a central role in the community and putting locals and children in touch with farm animals.

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