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Burglar in the House – Using hidden mini cams

There was a great program on BBC1 called Burglar in the House last night explaining how Nottingham police force have been investigating crime in their area using hidden cameras in set up rooms. These set up spaces are called ‘capture homes’, which are ordinary homes fitted with hidden mini spy cams.

The police also take over specific ‘capture rooms’ in normal houses that are based in crime hotspots and set it up with faulty goods, such as laptops, iPhones or TVs. They then may leave a window unlocked or the curtains open so that it becomes tempting to criminals. They also have alarms that send signal back to the local police station and the police will turn up within minutes.

Any object in the room can have a hidden camera within it, anything from a biscuit tin, a coke can or even a DVD case. The burglars are so unaware that they even look straight at the cameras and the quality of the images are so good that officers can easily identify them. Burglar in the HouseForensic liquid which can be concealed in all manner of things in the premises will spray onto the criminal. This liquid will stay on the suspect’s clothes or particles of their skin, so when they have been identified they then thoroughly check for particles on their clothes or skin. pinhole camera and microphone

They would use cameras like the Pinhole Camera in this photo. The camera is smaller than a sugar cube and ensures very high resolution. As mentioned above, you can hide this anywhere, and so is the perfect camera for highly discreet surveillance.

We recommend you watch the program and would love feedback with your views on if you think it is fair on the criminals or not. Is it too much of a good opportunity to miss in their minds? And should they be punished for this regardless?

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