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Calling all Nature Lovers

It seems a world apart, but using spy cameras to protect against theft in the workplace or security for your home, and using the same cameras to protect endangered species in the wild is simply a difference of perceived use. work with various conservation trusts to provide them with simple yet powerful cameras including The Owls Trust, Springwatch, Denbighshire Rescue, Parrot Zoo and the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

The bird box cameras that are placed within the lid of the bird box allow enthusiasts, wardens of such trusts and the general public with an interest in nature to watch the birds around the clock. Using the camera to monitor the birds is a way to help safeguard rare breeds as well as a chance to see the animals in a different light, with excellent quality pictures.

The bird box cameras we supply have been used by various documentary makers. The natural world is becoming a real source of fascination with the program producers and the viewing public. The bird box cameras allow such producers to get close to the creatures without disturbing their natural habitat, whilst delivering a different angle and insight into the bird’s lives. also provides a horse foaling kit – perfect for monitoring horses during foaling season using a long range transmitter and high-gain antennae. It isn’t just bird box cameras and horse foaling cameras that are now used by nature lovers – there are a variety of spy camera formations including the bamboo-cam to search and find rare pandas, a spy camera dubbed the ‘snowball cam’ to capture polar bears in action and a ‘salmon cam’ which is an underwater camera placed in a silicon salmon model to capture shots of brown bears to hunting the fish.

You may find the following footage of the ‘Snowball cam’ amusing. It seems no matter how good a producer thinks their spy camera is hidden in the wild, some animals just aren’t that stupid!

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