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CCTV takes the stress out of Foaling season

Even though the air still carries a brisk chill, January marks the time of year when many Horse Breeders and Farmers are preparing for their Mares to Foal. This can of course be an extremely stressful time of year, with expectant Mares needing to be monitored round the clock for any changes in behaviour. As Foaling stalls will often be located away from your farmhouse, this will inevitably lead to midnight excursions through the worst of the February rain! This 24 hour strain can take it’s toll on even the most experienced breeder. Finding a way to monitor your horses remotely can take a massive weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to keep a close eye on your livestock from the comfort of your heated living room!

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Luckily, we have years of specialist experience helping breeders from across the world cope with this stressful time. Many traditional industry solutions for remotely monitoring Mares involve extremely expensive alarm systems, and equipment that has to be strapped to the horse. All of our Foaling CCTV Camera Systems however, use simple to install equipment at fantastic value!

2.4GHz Wireless Foaling Camera Kit 300m Range
Wireless Foaling Camera kit with Audio

Our standard Wireless Foaling Camera Kit features a waterproof CCTV camera with 15m IR Night Vision. This allows it to keep a 24 hour watch on your livestock, even in an exposed position. This is then connected to a Wireless Transmitter and High Gain Antenna, allowing it to send video to the receiver up to 300m away. Please note- solid obstructions such as building walls will reduce range by up to half. This can be limited though, by simply wiring the Antenna up on the exterior of the desired building. Crucially, the system also transmits Audio, so you can quickly tell if you’re Mare is experiencing distress.

Wireless Foaling 4 Camera Kit with Quad Processor
4 Camera Foaling Kit with Quad Processor

Whilst this kit is already a versatile system, we also have several optional additions that can provide great features. Our Quad Foaling Camera System, for example, uses four cameras, each going to a compact quad video processor before being transmitted. This means you can watch a 4 way split screen of your horses at a fraction of the cost of using 4 individual transmitters! For those with larger properties, we are also now stocking advanced Digital Wireless CCTV systems. These kits use the latest technology to improve both transmission range (up to 500m!) and signal clarity. This also allows the use of Remote Repeaters, letting you use your remote to control the processor in your stall, right from the comfort of your sofa!

Here one of our customers explains how our systems have helped them:

Just to say the Horse Foal camera arrived this morning and is absolutely superb – has worked through 2 extremely thick stone walls and a 40m distance and the picture is crystal clear. We are really impressed and will take a lot of worry out of this year’s foaling season. Many thanks, Nick

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