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Check our New Digital Wireless CCTV with Portable Monitor

This product range has now been superceded by our 1080p kits, read more about them in our latest blog.

Combining easy to set up cameras with an all-in-one receiver and monitor, our digital wireless LCD CCTV kits are amongst our most popular products, and a great choice for home security. Quite often however, we are asked whether it is possible to power the screen from a battery, letting you move it quickly to different locations. Because of this, we have designed our new range of digital wireless CCTV with portable monitors, adding a brand new screen powered by an internal rechargeable battery. This lets you easily pick it up and move it between rooms when needed, and along with a host of additional new features make it one of our most versatile kits for home security.

What’s more, there couldn’t be a better time to take an in depth look at the kit, as we have it running at a 20% discount all this weekend as an exclusive introductory offer!

Key Features of the Digital Wireless CCTV Kit

  • 720p HD Video recording with up to 2 cameras- the highest resolution available with standard wireless cameras!
  • Portable screen with integrated rechargeable battery
  • Large, clear 9″ colour TFT monitor
  • PIR motion detection built into cameras
  • View camera remotely over mobile
  • Speaker inside camera allows remote talkback

The camera in the kit is actually impressive by itself, capable of recording clear footage at 720p HD resolution- the highest resolution possible by this class of wireless camera! This helps ensure your footage is packed with as much detail as possible should you need to review it at a later date. This clarity is also backed up by a ring of powerful infra red LEDs, providing up to 10m of clear night vision. Don’t just take our word for it though, see the image below for an example of how our new camera compares to a competitor’s wireless camera of the same size, when installed in the same position-

A competitor's wireless camera (left) and our new 720p digital wireless kit (right)
A competitor’s wireless camera (left) and our new 720p digital wireless kit (right)

This camera transmits video back to the screen using digital wireless technology. This pairs the two devices together securely across a range of frequencies, not only helping reduce the risk of wireless interference, but also allowing it to transmit up to 100m in clear line of sight- twice the distance of comparable analogue systems! Digital wireless systems are also beneficial for kits in sensitive areas, as it external devices cannot be used to pick up the signal.

In addition to the internal battery to make it portable, the receiver and screen also boast a host of additional features. This includes MicroSD recording to store your footage for later viewing, and a network connection, allowing you to log in and view your cameras live on a mobile device. Not only that, but a small control on the bottom of the 9″ colour screen activates the talkback feature, letting you broadcast your voice from a speaker on the camera- ideal for using the kit as a doorway camera.

This all adds up to make one of our most exciting, feature packed kits. Don’t delay though- our introductory offer only lasts until Monday evening!

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