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Cheeky Town Challenge – SpyCameraCCTV & Heart FM

We have teamed up with Heart FM for their ‘Cheeky Town Challenge’ which is currently being featured on the Heart Breakfast Show with Bush, Troy and Paulina. In an attempt to find out the cheekiest town between Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare or Taunton, Paulina will walk down the high street of each town with our body worn spy camera attached within the back pocket of her jeans, in order to catch those taking a sneaky peek.

The spy camera they have chosen to use is our upgraded mini button pinhole camera with an LCD mini DVR to portably watch the footage. This model is very similar to our MP401PHCCD but with an even higher quality CCTV camera and LCD Screen. For all aspiring James Bond gadget fans, the full colour spy camera set comes with 5 interchangeable heads, allowing you to hide the camera in various different locations. There are 3 different styles of buttons for dresses, jackets and shirts, and 2 different screw head types for hiding in brief cases, side boards and so forth. The pack also comes with 3 extra ‘real’ buttons so you can blend the hidden CCD pinhole camera into its surroundings.

The Mini DVR that Heart FM are using with the kit to monitor the footage in real time has 3 different settings for record mode (high resolution, medium and low) and has an built in 45MB of memory. This can be upgraded to 4GB with an optional SD card. The flash memory will store between 3 and 15 minutes of footage. If you use the SD card function you can record up to 45 hours on a 4GB card.

Check out the video below to see the footage captured from the device. After seeing it ourselves we have recommended to attach the covert camera behind the belt buckle rather than in the pocket to stop the wobbly picture. We will eagerly await the next instalment to see how our advice has worked. Still, the footage is better than Crimewatch CCTV don’t you think?

The second stop saw the town of Bath under the spotlight. This time Paulina attached the camera to her belt buckle on the rear, which provided greater stability. Check out the footage captured this week:

Week 3 – check out what happened when Weston-super-Mare took the Cheeky Town Challenge:

The final town to take the Cheeky Town Challenge was Bristol… but just how cheeky are the guys there? Watch the video and find out:

So that’s it! Bristol appears to be the cheekiest town. A big thanks to Heart FM for choosing SpyCameraCCTV products!

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