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Choosing a Bird Box Camera This Christmas

Nest box and bird box cameras have seen an explosion of interest in the last couple of years, partly thanks to strong interest in programs such as the BBC’s perennial Springwatch and Autumnwatch series’. Now every family can get a camera set up start watching the wildlife in their own back garden. Here at SpyCameraCCTV we have been supplying wildlife observation cameras since 2005, and pride ourselves on the specialist knowledge and support that we can provide. This means that our best-selling bird box cameras might just make the ideal gift for a family member or special someone this Christmas. “But”, I hear you cry, “you stock quite a few models, which one should I go for?” Fear not! This quick guide should help you find the best gift.

Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision - Perfect for your Garden
Our best selling wireless bird box camera kit


This is easily the most popular choice, and is one of the best-selling bird box cameras available on the market. The kit comprises a wireless camera to go in your nest box, as well as a wireless receiver to pick up the signal, and all the required connectors and power supplies.  All of this is then packed up in a nifty gift box with an installation guide, making it an ideal present item. The fact it transmits video over wireless makes it a great choice if you expect to move the camera around between locations. The camera even sends audio as well, letting you listen to the chicks chirping away. Please remember though- the camera does not have an internal battery, so still needs to be connected to a power supply! If you need a bit more flexibility then we have power extension cables or Lithium rechargeable batteries to help provide a bit more reach.
We have been developing this camera for 8 years, and our models have unique features that are not found on cheaper models from competitors. These include user switchable wireless channels, and “invisible” IR LEDs that do not glow red when in use.


Nest Box Cam with Night Vision and 20m AV cable, Perfect Bird Box Pack
Our wired camera kit is a great option when interference could pose a problem

Wireless cameras are always popular, but they are not best suited to everyone’s needs. If your garden is in an urban area with lots of WiFi networks for example, there is a serious risk of wireless interference degrading the signal and picture. In these situations, we always recommend going for a wired option, such as our 20m camera kit. This uses an almost identical camera, but has a reliably solid wired connection directly back to your TV or recorder. This means it’s a bit less versatile when it comes to set up, but provides reliably high quality video. The included cable can also carry power, so you can run it from a plug inside your home.


CCD Bird Box Camera with IR Night Vision 420TV lines and 20m AV Cable
Our CCD Bird Box Camera has fantastic image quality

For those who want the next step up in resolution and image quality, we also do a larger camera with an advanced CCD sensor. This camera is great for enthusiasts who want the most possible detail, or people who want to have the footage on a public stream. The camera is a bit larger though, so it’s worth double checking your bird box has enough height to comfortably fit the camera in without getting too close to the birds!

All 3 of these cameras are designed to plug straight into a TV or monitor for live viewing. If you want a cheap recording solution, our USB Video Capture device lets you capture the footage straight to your computer, and is bundled with all of the software that you need!

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