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Christmas Gifts for 2011

It’s rapidly approaching Christmas, and whilst we have already been through Black Friday’s and Cyber Monday’s many of us still need that kick up the backside to buy our Christmas presents. At SpyCameraCCTV we have a range of gift ideas for Dad and the kids to keep them occupied and entertained with spy-tech marvel.

Our collection of mini hidden cameras provides some great products from spy pens to watches with built in cameras that no one would suspect. These can be used in various scenarios, for example Dad or Granddad may wish to record meetings in audio and video without others knowing, or just to remember what was talked about without having to write it all down. Children can use the pen in school to find out what’s going on when they are not there! Other products available include watches which are extremely covert and provide the same ample opportunity to record meetings or just have great fun with.

Take a peek at some mini hidden camera gifts.

YouTube is fast becoming the one-stop-shop for all video related content on the internet. But have you ever wondered how people create certain videos, for example recording their screen whilst playing video games on the computer or games console? What if there was a cheap, simple product that could do that, wouldn’t that be ideal for the kids who spend copious amounts of time playing video games? Fortunately a USB1CAP does exactly this, with a simple plug and play connection.

Click here to view the USB Video Capture Device.

We all know how children love to play in the woods, creating new games or using their surroundings to create jumps and courses for their mountain bikes. We have a great camera which enables children to attach it around a tree to capture all those moments which they can then come home and show you what they have been off to, or more realistically show off what tricks they have been doing as you watch with fingers over your eyes! It’s perfect for the more adventurous of us out there!

Click here to view the camera.

Bird box cameras are always a very popular present every year at Christmas. Often described as the perfect gift for mum or dad, bird box cameras allow you to take an otherwise unknown look into the bird box in the garden to see what’s in there. Christmas is a great time to receive the camera as a gift with Spring just around the corner. We often receive some fantastic footage during the Spring months from inside bird boxes, usually filled to the brim with chicks.

Here are a few different bird box cameras to give as a gift.

We hope we have given you some inspiration for Christmas this year, but more importantly we hope you have fantastic time! Merry Christmas from SpyCameraCCTV.

Christmas Spy Camera Gifts

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