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Covert CCTV- Now available in HD!

Nobody likes to have to compromise. After years of helping customers find the right security solutions for them, we don’t like seeing people having to way up the image quality benefits of an IP camera system against the simple DIY installation of a traditional CCTV kit. This is especially true for customers looking for a covert CCTV system, as the restrictions on camera and lens size typically mean that there is a distinct trade off in image quality or resolution. Because of we’re all too aware of this, we have been testing products for years to try and find a better solution…

Gamut TVI logo

Resolution Solution

The answer lies in the new Gamut TVI range of advanced 1080p HD security cameras. Now, you may have noticed us getting excited about the latest HD-TVI cameras recently, but there is a genuine reason for that. The technology allows security cameras to record with incredible detail, whilst still using standard plug-and-play BNC video cables. Importantly, in addition to more traditional dome and bullet cameras, Gamut’s range has now also expanded to covert & hidden cameras, perfect for use in sensitive applications such as discreetly monitoring a stock room, or trying to find an office thief. The cameras are available in a variety of different models, to help best fit your application.

  • Pinhole spy camera– This is our classic spy camera design, housed in a compact 35x35mm case. The camera records from a tiny conical pinhole lens, able to see through gaps as small as 2mm. This means you can easily conceal the camera out of view, with the lens recording from behind cover. Common places to install it include above a suspended ceiling tile, or behind a folder on a shelf.
    1080p HD TVI pinhole camera
    Gamut’s TVI pinhole spy camera

     We also have a 2 camera covert CCTV system listed, that uses this camera along with an HD CCTV DVR. This is purpose-built for small business security, and provides a complete solution for monitoring and recording in full HD. As the recorder has 4 video channels, it is also easy to expand the kit with up to 2 extra cameras at a later date, should you need more coverage. Of course, this means you can also combine it with one of our camouflage cameras…
  • Smoke detector camera– One of our all-time most popular styles of covert camera, the smoke detector spy camera is one of the most effective security devices to use in an office. The housing looks just like a normal smoke detector, with all of the wiring for power and video being routed out of the top of the unit. This means you can easily install it in a ceiling, and have all of the wiring discreetly run up and out of view. Gamut 1080p HD TVI smoke detector camera
  • PIR sensor camera– This model is similar to the smoke detector, in that it is concealed inside an unassuming fitting, but instead uses the casing of a PIR sensor. These are usually seen mounted on the walls of offices and hallways, and are most commonly used to trigger motion detection lighting. Because of this, they do not need a low ceiling in order to be installed, which can often be a limitation for the smoke detector.Gamut 1080p HD TVI PIR sensor camera
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