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Cracking Down on Fraud!

Fraud is something we all have to be aware of – customers and businesses alike and unfortunately the fraud crime rate is increasing.

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we’re hot on the heels of those pesky fraudsters and we’ve seen some great results from our efforts. We have strict but effective processes in place to help us detect fraudulent transactions via phone and web orders and these have proven to be effective in combating fraud – we’ve even had one arrest as a result of our fraud detective work!

We actively report all fraudulent transactions to a dedicated action fraud line as well as the police who are keen to crack down on it. Once a fraud is reported to the police they will take statements from the staff here at SpyCameraCCTV and launch an investigation which, as stated earlier, has already resulted in arrests.

Every time a transaction is processed, 3rd Man (also known as Data Cash) checks to make sure all of the details match up. We use this information so we can profile our customers and make sure we’re sending products out to genuine shoppers!

There are a number of different things we can do to help verify customers and we’re wise to tricks of the trade which fraudsters use.

This isn’t to say that IF we ask you to provide us with additional verification details that we think you’re trying to commit fraud! Not the case at all. Sometimes it can just be an issue with the invoice address that means your payment is rejected and we need some confirmation. Our fraud procedures are designed to protect you from having your card used without your permission and it protects us from losing stock to criminals.

It’s important that individuals and businesses take a firm no-tolerance stance on fraud and invest the time and effort in stamping it out.

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