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Crazy Car Security Solutions

Family cars are some of the most expensive items that many of us will ever purchase.  Despite this, most of us will have to leave this cherished possession in an exposed driveway or parking space for a good deal of the time. It’s no surprise then that some people have gone to extraordinary lengths when looking for an effective vehicle security system. Naturally, we would always advise investing in a good quality CCTV Surveillance System, but it’s interesting to have a look at some of the more extreme solutions that people have devised recently!

Perhaps the most notorious of these concoctions was the infamous “Blaster”, an innovation that garnered its South African inventor international media coverage. Put simply, the blaster was a set of liquid Petroleum flame-throwers that could be installed on the side of your car. In parts of South Africa Car Jacking rates are shockingly high, and this device was devised as a way of preventing this traumatic crime. When triggered by the driver the flamethrowers release a 5 metre gout of fire, enveloping any would-be aggressors. Rather stunningly, the device proved to be completely legal under South African law, however high cost prevented the device from reaching a wide market.

Electric fence warning signEven back here in the UK, somewhat similar but less legal methods have been employed. The Independent describes how one enterprising citizen, exasperated by numerous attempts to steal his prized sports car, jury-rigged the vehicle with components from an electrified cattle fence! Unfortunately for the owner, the only person he managed to catch out with this system was the security guard from a hotel he was staying in! The poor guard had been investigating after seeing the wires trailing from the door and suspecting a bomb. Luckily he escaped with only a painful jolt, but the owner of the car was sent to court for his vigilante engineering!

Caravan and motor home owners have also used dramatic- albeit somewhat less dangerous- methods to secure their property. Several companies are marketing portable smoke machines, able to immediately fill a caravan with smog, confusing and disorienting any intruder. The powerful units can pump out vast quantities of the stuff in seconds, creating a much thicker cloud than dry ice equipment.

2 Camera Security Solutions for Car
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Of course, if you are looking for a more conventional way of ensuring your car remains safe, then look no further than our versatile selection of Vehicle security systems. They range from compact in car surveillance kits, to traditional CCTV set ups ideal for watching over a car in your driveway.  So whatever the size or cost of your vehicle, you can be sure we have something to help you keep it secure!

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