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Different Animals You Can Film in Your Garden

Our nest box camera kits aren’t just used to film birds but lots of other wildlife which can be found pottering about your garden. These tiny pinhole cameras can be easily fitted into small places provided you can get power to the camera. There’s also other cameras you can use to record the daily lives of animals which we’ll outline here.


When these guys are hibernating during the cold winter months you could set up a nest box camera where they tend to take refuge from the cold. The BBC’s Breathing Places says, “Take a sturdy crate and turn it upside down. Cover it with stones, earth and wood, and make sure there’s an entrance. If it’s dry and protected, hedgehogs can use it to stay over winter.” Keep the hedgehog house somewhere quiet where it won’t be disturbed by people or pets and somewhere with lots of leaves and twigs for them to build their home. Keep the entrance facing away from any harsh north winds. Providing a hedgehog house not only means you can watch the hedgehog make its winter home from the comfort of yours, but you’re helping your local wildlife survive the winter. If you want to help further you can put out food and water for the hedgehog too. They’ve got a taste for meat so minced beef, cat or dog food will provide a tasty treat to keep the little guy plump and warm for the winter. According to the RSPCA chopped boiled eggs also go down quite nicely however do not give them milk as it can cause diarrhea. 


The video above is of a red squirrel in Scotland, which they were lucky enough to film using a wildlife trail camera. Squirrels are intriguing creatures with curious natures that can be enjoyable to watch on camera. You can fix a camouflage trail camera to a tree and point it in the direction of the squirrels nest to catch footage of it coming and going. The great thing about trail cameras is that they can run on batteries for more remote locations and you can set it up on motion detection so it only starts recording when there’s some action. If you choose MMS enable trail camera then it will send you a text message when the motion detection is triggered so you can go and retrieve your footage from the SD card. As with hedgehogs you may want to put out food and water for your garden squirrels. They loves fruit and nuts, but be sure to place the food high up off the ground away from any predators.

Have you been filming different animals in your garden? We’d love to see your footage! Email it to

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