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Dispelling the myth of expensive CCTV

CCTV is not expensive, and here’s why:

Buying equipment directly works out a lot cheaper than going through third party installers. Manufacturers like ourselves rule out the middle-man, meaning you benefit from affordable factory prices. Technology has come a long way over the past few years, for example imagine being able to buy a 50” TV that is thinner than a toaster for under £500 3 years ago. Well the same thing is happening with CCTV, image chips are becoming less expensive, yet the quality remains excellent. Just like a TV that is 3 years old is more than adequate in your home, CCTV technology that is 3 years old is great value for money and will deliver a quality picture.

One myth that we frequently hear from customers is the perceived need for a CCTV installer, should they purchase any form of CCTV monitoring or home security. CCTV systems are not difficult to install, mediocre DIY skills are all that is needed. Imagine you have a new stereo for your living room, 2 speakers and 2 long cables. Would you call a professional to link the speakers up to your stereo? This is in principle the same installation process for CCTV. If you are not confident with DIY, bribe a friend or relative with a bottle of wine and dinner. CCTV installers will generally put big margins on top of their prices; usually to cover the fact that the initial quote could involve future visits down the line should anything go wrong. Take an installer price and then take a 1/3 off – this is usually the true cost.

To make it easy, our CCTV systems have pre-determined cable ends, so there’s no need to fiddle around with adapters. CCTV cables tend to be as thin as a keyboard cable, so run it through the loft to avoid holes in the walls and easy access. If you do experience any problems, ring the free technical support line. You don’t need to call people out which will incur you further cost.

Don’t run away frightened from CCTV, it’s not as expensive as you think it is.

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