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Funny CCTV Friday: Bag Thief Escape Fail

This week’s Funny CCTV Video has been seen on several news channels this week. It features a bag thief making his escape with the goods clutched under his arm but just as he’s about to find freedom….he hits a glass window mistaking it for the door!

Just as he goes crashing through the sheet of glass, the automatic door casually slides open revealing his mistake.

He appears to lie on the floor looking a bit dazed for a while as passers-by come rushing to help him, unaware that the scally-wag has been pinching handbags! His accomplice frantically tries to drag his friend away to make their escape, but his close encounter with the glass door has left him too disorientated. His accomplice gives up and runs off to fetch their escape car.

The video describes a “burly man” who restrains the guy to wait for police to arrive, but he underestimates the thief who manages to break free and stumble into a few parked cars before escaping!

Hopefully having the CCTV footage of the whole thing, and so many close-up eye-witnesses, the police may have been able to locate the thieves.

Our Funny CCTV Fridays feature a lot of criminal video fails which luckily for everyone else, were all caught on CCTV for us to have a good laugh at!

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