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Funny CCTV Friday: Drunk in the Supermarket

This week’s funny CCTV footage is another classic drunk person trying to remain upright and failing miserably. The best part about this video is that he’s trying to buy more beer but in his inebriated state he can’t quite fulfill his quest for booze!

This video is quite long at 4 minutes, but persevere and you will be rewarded with the guy rolling around on his back, much like a turtle that’s found itself stuck on its back and has to rock side-to-side to free itself.

There’s quite a few drunk-person videos out there now and they all seem to have issues with every surface being a gigantic hill which they struggle to climb. This long haired, beer hunter is no exception as he battles the steep hill that is ‘aisle 1’.

By 2 minutes 22 seconds he must be gripped with the fear that he might never escape the beer aisle floor. Eventually help comes in the form of a stern looking shopkeeper who sends him on his way, unfortunately, sans beer!

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