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Funny CCTV Friday: Escalator Gone Wild

This week’s Funny Friday CCTV features what appears to be an underground escalator that suddenly starts moving insanely fast propelling all of the unsuspecting commuters to go hurtling down the escalator.

It doesn’t take long for the dazed victims to begin piling up at the bottom whilst some escape and make a dash for the nearest exit. There are a few people who hang about to lend a hand and there are some who stand by in a state of shock. Take the guy in the white hat and construction vest on the right for example….he stands and stares for a while before shrugging and waving his hand dismissively and wandering off.

No doubt this video will be getting mixed reactions from some finding it funny, others shocking and you may even develop a fear for escalators because that thing was moving pretty damned fast!

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