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Funny CCTV Friday: Store Robbery Fail

This week’s Funny CCTV Friday is an ‘Epic Fail’ from a guy trying to rob a store.

After robbing a store, the man tries to flee the scene but comes up against an impenetrable foe….the front door! His look of complete distress is captured perfectly on in-store CCTV. There really is no point trying to escape, as his hat falls off exposing his face for everyone to see.

The very best part? He just needed to pull the door but in his blind panic he doesn’t try this. We’ve all been caught by the ‘push or pull?’ scenario and have been left red cheeked in shame, but this takes it to a whole new level!

The guy doing the voice-over adds a little something to it as well.

Check it out!

We’ve got more Funny CCTV Fridays – a woman falls into a swimming pool whilst texting. Let this be a lesson to everyone! It looks like a particularly cold day too; not the kind of weather to be taking a dip.

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