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Has your CCTV encountered a problem with windows?

Here at we have years of experience helping our customers find the optimum security set up. One of the questions that we often get asked is whether or not our infrared night vision cameras can operate through a window?

Essentially, whilst these cameras are wonderfully adaptable, and can get impressive results even in complete darkness, we always advise customers not to install them behind glass.


This is because the powerful IR LEDs almost invariably produce quite a strong reflection that can dramatically obscure the subject you are trying to record.  Glare from ir camera

Naturally, the IR frequency the cameras use mean that this glare will not be visible to the naked eye, and as such you may not realise it is there until you watch the video back. In some cases it can be possible to reduce the glare by carefully adjusting the angle of the camera relative to the window, but this can be time consuming and is hardly an ideal solution.

Fortunately for customers concerned about this issue, we have a range of fantastic alternatives that are perfectly suited to recording through windows and windscreens, in the shape of our brand new selection of low light spy cameras! Rather than relying on actively illuminating their subject with infrared lights, these cameras use super high sensitivity imaging chips to help them see into the darkness. Because of this, they won’t produce the bright glare in the video that IR cameras can suffer, and can therefore be placed right next to the glass.Tiny Pinhole Camera

Our new low light pinhole spy cameras, for example, are capable of recording full colour video in conditions as dim as 0.02 LUX- roughly equivalent to the light from a full moon. If conditions get even darker, then they will switch to black and white, enabling recording down to only 0.002LUX! This is incredible sensitivity, and would be perfect for looking out over a garden or street from a window at night.

Mini Low Light Black and White Camera

Another popular option is our ultra low light nigh ninja pinhole camera. This compact device is tiny and easy to hide, but can record colour video in conditions as dark as 0.0001 lux. This, combined with it’s pinhole lens make it the perfect camera for car security. Concerned about leaving your car out in the street overnight? This inconspicuous little security camera is just the answer!

We know that it can initially be daunting getting your CCTV system set up just right, but our UK based team of experts are always at hand if you have any concerns or simply want some advice about your purchase.

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