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Hikvision CCTV DVRs now in stock!

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we have been supplying professional grade CCTV, security and surveillance equipment direct to customers since 2007. In that time we we like to imagine we have somewhat de-mystified the world of CCTV for our customers, and helped many to find DIY solutions without having to resort to the expense of a professional installation. Because of this, we’re genuinely excited to be able to announce that we are now stocking a range of genuine Hikvision CCTV DVRs- one of the most trusted names in surveillance and security! This new range will offer the in depth features and controls required for setting up a bespoke, all in an easy to use package that anyone can set up. Hikvision logoHikvision are making huge waves in the world of CCTV, but who are they, and what makes their equipment so popular?

The new industry standard?

Founded in 2001, Hikvision is a dedicated manufacturer of high quality CCTV and video surveillance equipment. This means that, unlike some of the bigger household names in the industry, all of their expertise is focussed on manufacturing and developing security gear. This focus has helped lead to massive growth, to the point where it is now the single largest manufacturer of this type of equipment in the world, and is being hailed as one of the new batch of companies leading China’s new wave of premium technology manufacturing. Of course, all of this industry talk is interesting to some, but for most the important point is that Hikvision have secured their place as one of the most popular and trusted brands among professional installers. Now, we can bring all this gear directly to you- the customer! We are launching with a collection of high grade CCTV recorders, capable of controlling your entire CCTV system. There is much more than this to come however, so keep an eye here for more updates!

Our new Hikvision Recorders

Available in either 4 channel, 8 channel or 16 channel models, the new range of recorders are intuitive to set up and use, without compromising on a powerful feature set. This makes them suitable for both business and home security use. Some of the benefits include:

  • 960H resolution recording from every camera independently. This means that a video feed is captured on each channel at 570×960, making the most of the quality from cameras such as Sony EFFIO models.
  • Wide compatibility for online access. Almost every DVR these days allows you to access your cameras or footage over the internet, logging on from a PC or mobile. Often however, these will have quite limited options. Our Hikvision DVRs are the very first ones in are range that offer online access from both Mac computers and Windows mobile devices!
  • Expanded storage options. Unlike many DVRs on the market, the Hikvision range are compatible with SATA hard drives up to 4TB in size, as opposed to the common 2TB limit. This allows you up to double the potential monitoring time!
Hikvision 4 channel cctv DVR with 500gb HDD
Our new 4 channel DVR from Hikvision

These great new recorders are available online now, as well as in many of our complete CCTV systems– great options if you are setting up a home security kit from scratch!

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