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How One Customer Installed a Bird Box Camera

One of our customers, Phil, was installing a bird box camera kit for a friend and had a few ingenious ideas of his own to improve the set up. Here’s a few of the things he did which you can use in your home when setting up a bird box camera in your garden. First, when installing the camera – which is just 4cm wide – Phil made an aluminum bracket so it could be directed downwards on the box giving a better view of the nest and the bird coming and going. Bracket for Bird Box Camera “The effect of this is to enable the image of the square base of the bird box (and hopefully a nest in due course) to be moved to one end of the TV screen leaving the other end free to see more of the incoming bird. The field of view can be altered slightly up and down by bending the metal of the bracket and the other way by movement of the camera in its own bracket.” – Phil Camera Bracket in a Bird Box One of the issues Phil faced with installation was the distance from the receiver in the house to where the bird box was placed in the garden. “Their bird box is about 5 metres from their house but there is no easy way to get in to a power socket except by going through the cat flap into the kitchen.” Phil could feed the power extension through the cat flap making use of the rubber edging with prevented the cable from being damaged. This could then bed fed out to the camera. Long term this could be hazardous so he used a plastic, clip on top sandwich box fixed to a fence post in the garden. The sandwich box is no bigger than a cube of butter, but it’s perfect for wrapping up the cable and storing it safely inside without water getting in. Cat Flap “The sandwich box has a hole cut in it just big enough to pass the cable connectors. When not in use the remaining 5 metres of the cable is passed through the bottom of the box and coiled up out of harms way and protected from the elements.” Sandwich Box Storing Cables “When requiring to power up the camera all you have to do is to poke the cable through the cat flap, join to the connector on the power adaptor and switch on!” Do you have any unusual set up stories? Then let us know using the comments section below or email us your pictures to marketing@spycameracctv. (Please note that SpyCameraCCTV has not tried or tested this installation method and any attempts at this set up should be taken with caution. This is not a recommendation or endorsement by SpyCameraCCTV)

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