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How to Get Burgled – Common Home Security Mistakes

We advise customers every day who are concerned about securing their homes and properties against burglaries and break-ins. A good quality Home Security System can help you out should the worst happen, but there are also a host of easily avoidable mistakes that many of us make that can make your home a much easier target. Just take a look at the illuminating results of a recent nationwide survey as proof of how many people don’t even lock their doors!

Burglary survey Infographic

To help highlight this, we’ve put together a quick list of things we all do that can help make burglar’s lives far too easy. If you want to get burgled then these are a great way to start!

  • Leave those doors and windows unlocked– OK, this may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising just how easy this can be to forget! One especially common example is not locking interior doors that connect to conservatories, or skylights. Having visible locks and keys will also deter any criminals from attempting a robbery.
  • Put  all of your shiny gadgets on display– Burglars are more likely to target a home if they know there is something of value in it, so try and keep your 50” 3D TVs and expensive laptops where they can’t be seen through the window from the street.
  • Leave them a set of spare keys– It can always be tempting to leave spare house keys in a ‘hidden’ location for a housemate or family member. But whether you leave them in a plant pot or under the doormat then be warned, burglars are familiar with all of these hiding spots!
  • Provide them with a ladder to use– It may be a hassle, but when you’ve finished cleaning the guttering or pruning that tree, make sure you lock the ladder safely away inside. There’s nothing burglars like more than to be given a helping hand!
  • Let them know when you’re away– Heading out of town for a few days? Try and set up a timer for your lights or radio to make it less obvious the house is empty. Sometimes criminals will even ring up your house to check, so answer machine messages that mention travel plans are also best avoided! Similarly, be careful about announcing travel plans on facebook and twitter.
  • Let deliveries pile up by the door– Similar to the point above, cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers and milk when you are away from home. Nothing broadcasts an empty house like a pile of uncollected milk bottles!
  • Invite strangers into your home– Many burglars will try and ‘scope’ a target location out beforehand for entry points or valuables. Never invite any cold callers from your doorstep into your home.
  • Don’t talk to your neighbours– Active neighbourhood watch groups are one of the best ways to prevent such crime. If your community doesn’t have one, then make sure you get to know your neighbours, and let them know when you are going to be away.

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Sources: Nationwide Home Insurance

Feature image via Flickr (Creative Commons)

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