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Introducing our new range of Wireless IP Cameras

Whether it’s to keep an eye on your pets, check in on a nanny, or just want peace of mind whilst away from home, many of our customers simply want a way to view footage from a camera in their home whilst away or at work. With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, this also gives you an easy way to check on your home whilst on the move. The problem is, the traditional way to achieve this has been to install CCTV cameras which are then connected to the internet via an separate DVR. This creates a very reliable system with in depth controls, but is far technically involved to set up- and costly- than most users would want if they just wanted to casually check on one room. Because, of this, we are happy to announce our new and expanded range of home wireless IP cameras. These devices connect directly to your router, letting you view them whilst at work without needing a separate DVR, or needing them to be connected to a computer like a webcam. Our range features two brand new models.
Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with 10m Night Vision- Perfect Pet Camera
Our new pan tilt wireless IP camera is great for keeping an eye on your pets whilst at work

Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera

This is our most basic IP camera, and as such is the perfect choice if you just want to quickly check in on your home every now and again. It has actually proven incredibly popular as a pet camera, with customers using it to check in on everything from Parrots in an aviary to dogs whilst at work. The motorised base allows you to easily rotate the camera remotely using a simple control interface in your internet browser or app. This unit is fantastic value, and is easily the most cost effective way out of any of our products to watch your home whilst away. Please note however, this more basic model does not have a recording function. The device also features a ring of IR LEDs, letting you keep checking on your home after it gets dark.

720 HD Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with 10m night vision & MicroSD
Our advanced wireless IP camera can capture HD footage to MicroSD card

720 HD Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera 

Don’t let it’s similar appearance fool you (see picture above), this camera is very much the bigger brother of the range. Taking the same pan tilt base and simple interface as the basic model, this version adds both 720 HD video, and the ability to capture footage straight to a MicroSD card.. As the camera is purely digital, the image quality is crisp and sharp, with impressive amounts of detail recorded. The in-built recorder not only lets you manually start and stop recording over the internet, but also allows the camera to be set on Motion Detection recording mode, capturing video whenever it senses movement. Whilst not a substitute for a fully-fledged home security system, this does provide a highly cost effective way to monitor a room or hallway whilst away.

sample footage of a living room with a parrot
The 720 HD IP camera can capture detailed footage from your home

Crucially, both IP cameras have been designed with ease of use in mind. Many similar cameras have often required an in depth configuration process with the camera plugged in to your internet router. These cameras however, can pair with your router over Wifi, and use Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) to configure themselves automatically*. This means there is no need to plug them in to anything but power, and you can have them up and running within minutes.  

*Routers without UPnP may still need to be manually configured

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