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Introducing our new Remote CCTV Setup Service Guide

These days, almost all security and CCTV systems offer a remote monitoring feature, whether it’s using an internet enabled DVR, or a more advanced kit with HD IP cameras. This helps you keep an eye on your property wherever you are, by letting you log in and view your cameras live over the internet via a PC or smartphone. However, whilst this is a vital feature for any system, many kits are still too confusing to get up and running for those without a comfortable knowledge of networking, routers and other such matters. It’s exactly for this reason then, that we have put together our all-new remote CCTV setup services- just what you need to get your security system live with the minimum of hassle!

Of course, we know that not everyone’s needs will be the same, and someone setting up a single IP camera for their driveway will want a different service to someone setting up an 8 camera system to monitor a bar. Because of this we have split the service into three distinct service levels:


Bronze Support

With our Bronze setup service, one of our support agents remotely logs in to your computer at a prearranged time to suit your convenience. They will completely configure your software and router settings, and set up a secure web address through which you can log in and view your camera live. They can also set up mobile access for the camera, allowing you to view your property from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android or Windows, depending on camera compatibility). The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes, and the only things you have to do are screw the camera to the wall, plug it in and be close to your computer when we call!

Perfect for: Home users with a single IP camera, such as one of our pan/tilt dome cameras

4 outdoor CCTV cameras and a Hikvision DVR
Silver support is a great addition to any 4 camera CCTV kit

Silver Support

For slightly larger systems, our silver setup service offers provides all of the benefits and features of Bronze support, but tailored to multi camera kits with internet enabled recorders. In addition to the services listed above, Silver support also allows you to choose a web address of your own choosing (subject to availability) to make accessing your cameras even simpler. In addition, whilst the Bronze package provides 1 month of continuing remote support, the Silver increases this to 3 months, providing peace of mind in case of teething troubles with the connection.

Perfect for: Larger home or retail security systems that use an internet enabled DVR, like our 4 bullet camera kit

8 camera IP CCTV security kit with a switch and NVR
Gold support is perfect for large IP security systems

Gold Remote CCTV Setup Service

For professional grade systems with multiple IP cameras, we have put together our most exhaustive service package- Gold support. This builds on all of the features included in Bronze and Silver support, and adds a couple more that make it ideal for commercial security systems in vital locations. The 3 month remote connection support is extended to 12 months, providing an entire year of continuing coverage for your system’s connection. Not only that, but the package also covers an entire year of on-site replacement cover should an issue with the hardware arise. Using this, if year let us know about a verifiable fault before 4pm on a weekday, then we can get a courier out to you by the very next day with a replacement item, and to take the faulty one away. Crucially, this applies to all equipment purchased from us, no matter how old it is when you take out the support package!

Our gold support package covers systems with up to 8 IP cameras as standard, but we can always expand it to larger systems. Just get in touch for a quote!

Perfect for: Large commercial grade security systems in crucial locations, like our 1080p 8 IP camera kit

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