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Introducing Our Next Generation of Covert IP Cameras

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we here at SpyCameraCCTV towers are going just a little bit mad for IP cameras. There’s good reason for that- by recording digital footage and sending it directly to your network as data, they allow much more freedom when setting up your system, as you are not tied down to wiring everything back to a central DVR. Not only that, but they can record footage at resolutions much higher than is possible with traditional analogue equipment. Traditional however, the cameras themselves have been rather bulky units, leaving very few options for discreet recording. This has all changed however, with our new range- the next generation of IP Spy Cameras!

720 HD WiFi IP Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor w/ Motion Detection
This IR sensor conceals a fully fledged Wifi IP camera


Camouflaged Cameras

Our new models include several different types of IP cameras for hidden recording, but- as with our standard CCTV cameras- the most popular is. These cameras are concealed inside of unassuming looking items that can easily be installed in a home or office without arousing much suspicion. Available models include smoke detector housings (in both commercial and home designs), as well as a standard PIR sensor. Whilst these are all non-functional, the housings still look exactly like the real thing. Each device has a small hole in the side of the casing for the camera to record through, providing a clear view without exposing too much of the lens.

CCTV capture of a typical office
IP cameras can record far more detail than standard CCTV

Some of our range of covert IP cameras can even connect to your network over Wifi. This means that, once initially configured, you can unplug the network cable, and use them over wireless. This helps keep your system discreet by reducing the need for trailing cables, and also makes the whole system much simpler to install, and connect to your NVR. Of course, always check you have suitable Wifi reception in the area you want to record before you install the cameras- this easy method can help you find this out.

Pinhole Recording

2 Megapixel 1080p Full HD Pinhole IP Spy Camera w/ ONVIF, Colour Video
Our pinhole IP camera, and one of the smallest 1080p IP cameras available on the market

The camouflaged cameras are fantastic if you are recording in an office, or similar environment where they can fit in, but there are many situations where even a smoke detector or PIR sensor will stand out badly. In these scenarios you can make use of our unique 1080p pinhole IP camera. Pinhole cameras themselves have been around for a while now, making use a tiny lens that can record through gaps as narrow as 2mm wide, allowing the camera itself to remain concealed. What’s unique about this model is that we have managed to squeeze a fully featured HD IP camera into a pinhole housing. This means you can easily hide it behind a wall or in a desk drawer while still capturing footage of your subjects with an IP camera’s massively improved image quality. Because of this it’s the perfect solution for discreet security problems such as preventing theft in a stockroom, or monitoring a till. For long term monitoring, adding an NVR for IP cameras to the system allows you to set up recording schedules over a much longer period of time, essential for retail and business security.

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