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Introducing the Alert Pal Home Security System

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we are always looking out for new and innovative ways to help our customers keep their property and valuables secure.  The brand new Alert Pal® Home Security system is just such a product, representing the perfect complement to our Wireless Spy Cameras and Home CCTV systems!

Alert Pal  home security system with Passive Infra Red and MMS Messaging
Alert Pal – Complete Home Security system

This system features a simple wall-mounted spy camera that uses a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor to detect an intruder’s body heat. This triggers the camera to immediately start taking still photos. But it gets even cleverer than that! Simply fit the camera with a standard Pay-as-you-go SIM card (supports O2, Orange or Vodafone), and the Alert Pal® will send 5 photos to your mobile in one MMS message. This gives you the ability to keep a remote eye on your home without any of the more involved set up associated with viewing CCTV over a network- just pop the SIM card in, and send it a text from the phone want to pair it with!  The device sends out an SMS text warning as soon as the sensor is triggered, and then the photos within 60 seconds afterwards.

This customer review is a fantastic testimonial to how effectively this system works-

“Recently we had a break in at our shop.

The Alert Pal® performed flawlessly sending instant alerts in the form of five clear photographs taken in pitch darkness to the mobile phone of one of our members who instantly advised the local police that a robbery was in progress.

Because they were able attend on site very quickly the culprits ran off leaving the spoils of their ill-gotten gains behind less they be apprehended in possession of stolen goods

I would not hesitate to recommend the Alert Pal® as a cost effective deterrent to this type of incursion and also for other applications.

I have looked at a number of  GSM alarms available at present on the market and I can confidentially say that the Alert Pal is the best in terms of functionality and value for money.”

Mark , West Bromwich

The Alert Pal® isn’t only limited to photographing intruders, however! This complete home security system features 3 additional sensors- 2 door latch sensors and one wireless smoke detector. When any of these are triggered the Alert Pal® will send an immediate text alert to the user. Also included are 2 panic buttons. When  these are triggered, the unit will automatically begin to dial through up to 10 saved numbers, and play back live audio from the room down the telephone. This makes it a great product for looking after elderly or vulnerable relatives who may be at risk from falls.

There are no other products on the market that provide this advanced feature set without regular monitoring fees! For more information see our dedicated page at SpyCameraCCTV!

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