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Introducing the Hikvision Turbo HD TVI Range

Even for people as passionate about security and CCTV as ourselves, it’s a rare occasion when a new product gets us truly giddy with excitement- after all we understand that it’s hard to evoke iPhone level anticipation over brackets and recorders! This occasion may be a genuine exception however, as we can proudly announce that we are now stocking the Hikvision Turbo HD line of TVI enabled CCTV cameras and TVI recorders. These revolutionary devices combine the stunning recording resolution of an IP camera, with the easy plug and play installation of traditional analogue CCTV, making them one of the best options on the market for business or commercial security systems!

See the example video below for samples of just how much detail these new cameras can capture (view fullscreen at 1080p for full effect!):


What is the Hikvision Turbo HD range?

Turbo HD is a brand new line of cameras and CCTV DVRs, built from the ground up using an innovative technology known as “TVI”, or “Transport Video Interface”. You don’t really need to know that, but what is important to know is that this is a completely new format for sending and receiving a video signal that allows the camera to send uncompressed 1080p HD footage down a standard coax cable.

Hikvision Turbo HD TVI dome camera
One of our Hikvisiuon Turbo HD dome cameras

So what are the benefits of TVI?

  • Uncompressed image quality
    Simply put, the image quality possible with the new range is stunning. The 1920x1080p Full HD images captures huge amounts of fine detail, as well as keeping definition in shadow and highlight areas. This makes it suitable for even the most demanding commercial security requirements in challenging lighting conditions. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out these sample screenshots from our own field testing:
    Hikvision Turbo HD TVI sample imageHikvision Turbo HD TVI truck sample image
  • Plug and Play Installation
    Where these cameras really come into their own is in how simple they are to set up. Whilst HD IP cameras need to be configured to your network, TVI cameras just plug directly into the recorder using industry-standard BNC connectors. This not only makes them suitable for DIY installs- potentially saving you money- but also means that if you’re upgrading an existing system then you might even be able to use the existing cabling, and save yourself the hassle of running new wires!
  • No playback lag
    Because IP cameras have to send the video across a network, there can often be a notable lag when watching live playback that is not ideal if you need to monitor a live feed. TVI cameras are wired directly to the DVR, so the playback is virtually lag-free.
  • Two-way communication
    The video technology also allows you to send commands to the camera via the coax cable. This lets you easily adjust camera settings such as noise reduction and backlight correction using the DVR. For security over large areas, it even lets you run a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera using just a single cable for video and telemetry!

This all goes to show just how powerful an option Hikvision’s Turbo HD range is for any professional security job, whether it’s monitoring a retail space, office, or even a nightclub.

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