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Introducing the New Wall Clock Camera

We have a brand spanking new hidden camera wall clock which was added to our range of spy cameras this month. Here’s a few things you need to know about this wall clock camera and what it can do.

Spy Camera Wall Clock


This average looking wall clocks boasts 720p HD quality colour video recording giving you a crisp image. This inconspicuous wall clock camera has a tiny pinhole lens hidden in the number ten so even the closest scrutiny makes this wall clocks true purpose hard to identify.

Some of the key features of this spy camera include colour video and audio recording, motion detection recording, PIR sensor, runs on mains power or an internal battery and the footage can be viewed on your PC or laptop using the USB transfer cable.

Rear of Wall Clock Camera USB Port

What’s It Good For?

This is the perfect solution for home or office use if you want to secretly record the goings on in a room. This wall clock camera’s motion triggered recording means it’s ideal if you just want footage of the action and not have to go through hours of useless footage. Another handy part of this feature is that when it’s not recording i.e. on standby, the battery can last up to 600 hours whilst in this state.

One example from a customer who bought one of our wall clock cameras was that building contractors were going into his office and stealing from his safe. Using the wall clock overlooking the room he was able to catch them in the act and get them prosecuted. This new wall clock allows you to tilt the lens so you can focus on the part of the room where you’re most likely to catch the footage you need.

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