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Earlier this month,  Al-Jazeera news broadcast this fascinating piece on the increased use of dashboard cameras by Russian drivers.  A slight word of warning, it does contain some frightening footage, although thankfully no one featured was seriously injured:

Russian drivers are taking advantage of the latest range of high quality in car cameras in order to prevent themselves being extorted by the police and other motorists. Whilst Police corruption is thankfully less common here in the UK, it’s still a fantastic example of how using a dashboard camera to record your car journeys can prove advantageous.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a dashboard camera- or dashcam- is literally a small camera recorder that attaches to your vehicle’s dashboard, or the top of your windscreen. It can then look out the front of your vehicle and record everything on your journey. Originally developed as a way for Police and other emergency services to record traffic stops , they have since been adopted by road users for many different uses.

SmartCam- 1080p HD in car video recorder
SmartCam- Great Dashboard Camera with 1080p recording

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we stock a variety of dashboard cameras, along with many other in car security systems. For example, we now stock the new second generation SmartCam™ Video Recorder, a fantastic full HD camera that can easily be attached to the top of your windscreen. The impressive wide angle lens can then capture everything that happens in front of your bonnet in glorious detail! This camera has proved so useful at documenting false claims and bad driving, that insurer Adrian Flux actually offers a discount of up to 15% for drivers who install one! The video recorder can even be set to automatically start recording when you start your engine up, so there’s no need to set it up every time you get in the car.

Mini in car video recorder with Motion Detection
this compact in car video recorder features Motion Detection

Another option is our versatile Mini in car video recorder featuring Motion and Vibration Detection. This compact recorder measures only 76x43x16mm, but still features enough battery life for 8 hours of continuous recording.  In addition to making a lightweight dashboard camera, the device’s motion detection mode means it can double up as a great little in car security camera- simply leave it tucked away behind a seat when parked! It also has a unique Vibration Detection feature, meaning it will immediately start recording video when it senses a knock!

With the cost of keeping a car constantly on the increase, these cameras are a fantastic way to make sure your vehicle stays safe whether it’s on the road or in your driveway!

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