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Meet The Brand New Spy Camera Pen Family

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we’re please to introduce a new range of spy camera pens to our range of products. This new range offers more flexibility based on your budget and the quality you are looking for from a spy camera pen. We always like to consider our products as having a ‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ and now this range fulfills all of those areas.

The 480 – Good

Spy Camera Pen from SpyCameraCCTV

The SPYPEN480 is a working pen with a  built-in pinhole lens so your subjects won’t know they’re being recorded as they help themselves to your goodie-drawer at work! It features a full colour imaging chip meaning that it will record video at VGA solution (640×480)…hence the name SPYPEN480.It also has a small microphone to you can record audio to accompany your video footage.


The 720 – Better

Spy Pen 4GB 720p

The SPYPEN720 is the jazzed up name for our SPYPEN4GB which has been a top seller for SpyCameraCCTV for several years now. This working pen records at 720p resolution giving you an impressively clear image from such a small pinhole lens. It will pick up audio up to 5 metres away from where the pen is placed.

All of our spy camera pens have a 4GB Micro SD card included as standard with options to upgrade to a larger memory if you need it. To view your footage you can remove the Micro SD card and insert it into your computer or laptop to transfer, view and edit the footage. Simply delete the files from the Micro SD card when you’re done with it and put it back into the pen and start all over again.



The 1080 – Best

Spy Camera Pen in High Definition

This is the Daddy of the spy pens. The SPYPEN1080 featuring motion detection and full HD. Full HD is 1920x1080p providing a crisp full colour video – a quality you wouldn’t expect from a ball point pen with a hidden camera. You can play back your footage on your television by using the mini HDMI output and record it to a MicroSD card.

This spy camera pen comes with a 4GB MicroSD card as standard but can be upgraded up to 32GB to record the footage you need. The pinhole lens can be found on the side of the pen concealed by a sliding lens cover for when it’s not in use.


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