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New Video! About Our Low Light Pinhole Camera

James from SpyCameraCCTV talks about this low light pinhole camera kit which is perfect for covert filming.


The camera itself it tiny, just 3cm by 3cm! It uses a low light sensor which means it can record at very low light without the use of LED lights. LEDs make it difficult for a camera to record through glass due to the reflection. This low light sensor camera doesn’t have that issue. This makes it perfect for recording footage from a window to see outside when it’s dark to catch your neighbours or local troublemakers up to no good.

This pinhole camera does record in black and white at night, however it will provide a high quality image. Because it’s so small it’s perfect for covert surveillance.

The digital video recorder which comes with this kit is small, simple to use and can power the camera as James demonstrates. It records to an SD card so you can easily play back the footage on your laptop or PC.

If you are interested in this camera kit or something similar then get in touch! Email us on or call 0117 325 2470.

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