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Product of the Month: Digital Wireless Outdoor Security Kit

Ever since their release, our Digital Wireless LCD Receiver Kits have proven to be a firm favourite for Home CCTV. Their ease of installation and dependable transmission quality makes them a great choice for customers who don’t want a complex set up, but they still have in depth security features. In fact, the kits proved so popular that the demand has taken even us by surprise! It is with great pleasure then, that we can announce a brand new range of products that use this versatile LCD Receiver, combined with a robust Outdoor Security Camera!

15m IR Digital Wireless Security Camera and LCD CCTV Monitor with PIR

This sturdy metal device is rated to the IP66 standard of weather-proofing, ensuring it can be installed in even the most exposed outdoor spots. This makes it our most durable Wireless CCTV camera yet, and ideal for securely monitoring the exterior of your property. This build quality even extends to the solid metal bracket, through which you can run the power cable, protecting it from any potential vandals. As befits such a heavy duty camera, the Night Vision has also been beefed up, and is now capable of clearly illuminating subjects up to 15m away, even in complete darkness. These features combine to make this a powerful tool for securing your home or business property.

Spare 15m Night Vision Digital Wireless Camera w PIR for LCD ReceiverAs with our existing LCD Receiver Systems, these cameras also boast a built-in Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor. An unusual feature for a Wireless Security Camera, these sensors work by picking up changes in ambient temperature. In doing so it can detect any intruders from their body heat! This can then be used by the Receiver to trigger Motion Detection recording. As it works using body temperature, this makes it less prone to accidental recordings that can be set off by things like swaying tree branches or passing cars. The new kits also work using the same advanced Digital Wireless transmission, ensuring not only greatly increased range, but a significantly reduced risk of being affected by Wireless interference.

Digital Wireless LCD ReceiverOf course, the heart of the system remains the all-in-one Wireless receiver, LCD Monitor and digital Video Recorder. This compact Recorder provides you with one centralised device to monitor and play back recordings, and prevents the need for connecting to bulky external devices. The integrated 7” screen uses a full colour TFT display, providing a great way to view footage, and can display video from up to 4 cameras at once in a quad view split-screen. The new kits are available with 1 or 4 cameras. We also have spare cameras available, meaning you can mix and match with the smaller indoor PIR CCTV cameras!

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