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Product of the Month: High Speed Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

The vast majority of our customers are home users looking for a basic CCTV system to keep their property secure. That’s not our only focus, though! We are also stockists for a wide variety of specialist professional security equipment, suitable for monitoring in the most demanding commercial settings. Naturally, this includes a wide range of Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras. For our latest monthly product focus feature, we thought we’d highlight one of the most versatile of these products- our 12x Pan Tilt Zoom Outdoor Dome Camera.

x12 PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Outdoor Dome Security Camera, 560TVL Samsung CCD
Our rugged High Speed PTZ camera


PTZ cameras are rugged CCTV cameras mounted into a motorised base. This gives you the ability to remotely control their movement around 2 axes, as well as control over the lens’ zoom. You can control these movements using either the controls on your DVR, a software interface, or by using a dedicated PTZ controller such as a joystick. This makes them one of the most popular types of camera for outdoor commercial security applications, such as keeping watch over a Car Park. In these situations, PTZ cameras let you monitor a wide area, or focus in on a tiny zone- all with a single camera!

RS485 PTZ Joystick controller with Built in Multi Protocol inc PELCO
Our dedicated PTZ Joystick controller

This particular camera boasts a 12x Optical Zoom, allowing you to adjust the angle of view from 51 to just 4.5 degrees, tight enough to capture small details such as licence plates on parked cars! This powerful lens is coupled with a top-of-the-range CCD imaging sensor produced by Samsung. In good light it records 560TV Line video in vivid full colour. After dark, the camera boosts sensitivity by switching to black and White. This allows it to keep capturing usable footage right down to 0.04Lux- roughly the equivalent of moonlight.

Rapid and responsive movement is key to a PTZ camera’s usability, and this camera does not disappoint, with pan speeds of up to 36 degrees a second. When the lens is zoomed in, the camera automatically slows this speed down, allowing much more precise control. Not only that, but the camera can tilt through a full 180 degrees within the dome, automatically flipping the image at the vertical point. This makes it a synch to easily track moving subjects! The device also has a memory for up to 6 customisable patrols, allowing you to program in common movements for the camera to make when not being directly controlled.

PTZ cameras require more complex wiring than standard CCTV & are generally quite a large size, and as such are not recommended for all users. Nonetheless they are some of the powerful security tools out there. Of course if you have any questions or would like some help putting a system together, you can always get in touch with our expert advisers!

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